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Companies as Global Travelers

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Relocation is a fast-moving business, literally and figuratively :), that’s why we, at Empire Movers, try to be up to date with everything related to residential, corporate moving and in general every aspect concerning relocation and moving.


Recently we have found an interesting article by Chicago Tribute regarding corporate relocation and we would like to share the main aspects with you. It emphasizes an important shift in the way businesses develop today, as companies are not defined by a certain place, town or location anymore. They become “global nomads”, as the author stated. Disneyland is no longer about Orlando, Florida and KFC is not about Kentucky. In the past, location was tied to the company’s brand, but this statement is no longer valid:

“Technology and globalization have accelerated the corporate relocation trend by making it easier to communicate and move products anywhere in the world.”

“In recent years some of the more high-profile relocations include Boeing leaving Seattle for Chicago, and Philip Morris relocating from New York to Richmond, Va. Illinois lost Newell Rubbermaid to Atlanta; Northrop Grumman shifted from California to the Washington, D.C., area. Chiquita left Cincinnati after Charlotte, N.C., offered a hefty incentives package.”

This corporate mobility could be explained by the economic efforts of different cities and regions that compete with each other in order to attract investors, offering financial stimuli, low taxes and infrastructure.

“Companies need to ask themselves would they be an effective, more profitable business, elsewhere, is a question companies ask today more often because they have more options.”


You can read the entire article here

Companies as Global Travelers

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