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Moving FAQ: Do You Tip Movers NYC?

tipping movers nyc do you tip movers

Should I Tip Movers ?

Having a move soon and wondering about the rules for tipping movers in NYC? There are not established guidelines for tipping moving companies, but it is great that you are concerned about this aspect as compensating a job well done is highly appreciated in the moving industry as well. In addition, even though moving does not occur often in once life, you might need to have a NYC moving company you can trust for future moving jobs and a moving crew that was greatly rewarded by you in the past, can offer you extra help and care.

How Much to Tip Movers ?

It might sound like a difficult choice, but there are some tips for tipping fair the movers that provided quality moving services. Do not forget that each move is different and it depends a lot on circumstances, such as weather, value and quantity of items, distance, complexity of moving and packing items etc. From this perspective, tipping solutions may vary:

  • You can tip the movers separately or give the tip to the crew supervisor to split the money between the members afterwards. When opting for this solution, take into account how many movers are in the moving crew.
  • If you observe that a mover worked harder and helped you with an unexpected problem, you can give him a higher tip.
  • A tip can be based on the overall cost of the moving job, you can offer from 5%-20% of the total bill if you consider it’s a reasonable amount for a tip.
  • A tip offered before the move starts can boost the morale of the crew and the overall performance of the movers. Tipping can occur during the move as well, especially when there are specific tasks to be done (packing, loading, transporting, unpacking). Nevertheless, usually, the crew is compensated at the end of the job.

How Can I Tip Movers ?

  • Cash. Rewards for moving might come in many forms, but cash is the most popular.
  • Other forms of tipping. Also, you might consider of cold/hot beverages depending on weather conditions. If the move takes more than it was estimated initially and movers seem to be tired, it would be nice to offer them a quick snack or arrange for a lunch.

Finally, you might consider rewarding your movers based on a good service. If you are not satisfied of how they are doing their job or they already caused you some problems, than do not feel obliged to offer a tip. Tipping is up to you and if you’re not sure how to properly tip movers when moving around NYC, why not ask the NYC moving company about their tipping rules. This will prevent you from having unpleasant surprises during the move.

Good luck and have a great move!

Moving FAQ: Do You Tip Movers NYC?

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