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The Dos and Don’ts of Office Moving

Office moving in New York City is not something that should be taken lightly. You may think it’s easy, you may think that it’s nothing to worry about, but if you want your office move to go as smooth as possible, there are some things that you must do. And some that you mustn’t.

To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of Dos and Don’ts that might come in handy next time you plan to move your office.

Office Moving Dos

  1. Use the move tags that your mover has provided

If you want to move it, tag it. It’s a simple rule. Use the special move tags provided by your mover to tag all items, no matter how big or small. Remember to tag boxes of computer cables, trash cans, floor mats, typewriters, even individual computer components. They all need to be tagged, individually, if you want them to be moved.

The things that won’t have a tag on them won’t be moved.

  1. Place the tags where the mover can spot them

Movers are people too. So don’t expect them to spend hours and hours checking things for tags, to make sure if they need to move them or not. To help them out, and to also help yourself, make sure that you place the tags in visible places. Office moving is hard work and it involves a lot of items. Again, if the mover doesn’t spot the tag, he will not pack the item.

  1. Empty the contents of…

…table drawers, desks, bookcases, storage cabinets. It’s better for both you and the mover. Otherwise you risk losing important items or documents.

  1. Secure important items

Money, documents, computer disks and other important items need to be secured. Take them to the new office yourself.

Office Moving Don’ts

  1. Your name is not a good tag

Don’t use your name to tag or label your desk. Use only the assigned tags and numbers. The movers will use them to place the items at the new location. If you don’t use the assigned number, your office movers won’t know where to place your stuff.

  1. Don’t empty vertical file cabinets

As it happens, this type of cabinets are usually moved full.

  1. Empty out photocopiers and printers

Talk to your service providers and ask them to remove the toner from printers and photocopiers. This way, you’ll avoid accidents.

Final word

Professional office moving companies will tell you what you need to do when moving your office. Follow their advice, together with this list of Dos and Dont’s, and your move will definitely go exactly as planned.


The Dos and Don’ts of Office Moving

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