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How to get your furniture and belongings ready for the movers

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You’ve probably found out that moving is no easy business. If you’ve decided to make life easier by hiring movers, there are some things you can do to make certain that moving your furniture and belongings will be a swift and simple affair. We’ve got some tips for you if you’re hiring movers to help move your furniture and items:

Labeling your boxes

By having a proper labeling system in place, you can help the movers know how to load up your things and where to unload them. Clearly number the boxes and write a warning on them if the box contains fragile items, as well as the room it should be going in into the new house. You should also have this information listed on a sheet of paper, so that after moving your furniture and belongings you can cross-check it and make sure everything’s there, or, if something is missing, what exactly is missing.

Consider transporting the very fragile items yourself

If you’re not moving long-distance (or even if you are, in case you’re driving there and have the option), think about moving your most valuable and delicate belongings yourself. If you’ve got a flat screen TV or a desktop PC or laptop that you fear might be damaged in the moving process, you can always transfer them yourself. This will also save up time (and time means money) on the actual moving day. The movers won’t have to worry about handling these items. So if you have hired professionals to move your furniture, don’t be afraid of doing some of the work yourself. Especially if it will give you peace of mind.

Disassemble your furniture

If you’ve got large pieces of furniture that can be disassembled prior to the movers getting there, do so. It will save you a lot of time on. And it will help them stack your items easier in the moving truck.

Group your belongings

If the space allows for this, make sure to start grouping up your boxes and furniture into a central area. This will, again, save you a lot of time when the movers get there. Hence, if you’re planning to move and are hiring a company to help you with this, consider helping them and yourself by moving your furniture and other boxes you need transported into a common area that is easily accessible.

Organize your unpacking ahead of time

Hiring movers to move your furniture and belongings can help you with the unpacking as well. When you talk to them and discuss which pieces of furniture you are moving into which room of your new place, ask them to first put the furniture into place, and then the rest of your things. Clearly label your boxed items not only  with the room you want them in, but also where they will belong. If you have a box of books that when unpacked will be placed in the red bookshelf in your office, then mark the box with ‘Office – red bookshelf’ to help the movers place everything where it should be.

Final word

Keep these neat little tips and tricks in mind. We believe that having professionals move your furniture and belongings should prove to be a stress-free activity for everyone involved. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to give Empire Movers a call. We’re always here for you.

How to get your furniture and belongings ready for the movers

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