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5 Green Moving Tips For A Great + Green Move!


As we all know, automotive industry is not the most earth-friendly sector; this is why each ecological initiative that is meant to contribute to a healthier planet must be encouraged, especially in case of transportation and moving companies. We at Empire Movers NYC are glad to see each year more customers being aware of their impact on the environment, searching actively for “green solutions” when moving around NYC. We would like to help those who opt for a green moving in NYC with some green moving tips in order to limit the waste generated by a typical move.

  1. 1/ Environment friendly packing supplies. Packing is an essential step in the moving process that you cannot skip and it generated the most amount of stuff you will want to get rid off after the actual move. Do not rush calling the first NYC moving company for new moving boxes. Another great packing option can be reusable containers, recycled materials, and used cardboard boxes from supermarkets. It is not difficult to find recycled moving boxes in NYC; just it needs a little bit of research: check Craiglist and Ebay for online offers posted by others. In addition, you can post a request yourself online and you might get help from somebody in your social network.
  2. 2/ Decrease the amount of bubble wrap. Nowadays we are equipped with all that we need for a comfortable life and more…but actually, there are more solutions to the same problem. Bubble wrap can be changed easily with old newspapers, towels, used sheets during packing.
  3. 3/ Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Moving implies lots of cleaning as well. Make sure that you have all the necessary cleaning supplies to have a green move from start to finish.
  4. 4/ Hire a NYC green moving company. You might be too busy to get extra work in finding recycled, green moving boxes that is why a better solution can be hiring NYC green movers. Before accepting the moving estimate of the first moving company that claims to be “green”, you can ask them several questions regarding the concrete measures they take in order to offer a green move. Find out kind of moving trucks they have, the amount of gas emissions, carbon offsets etc.
  5. 5/ Dispose stuff in a “green” way. After the move, you might be exhausted and being green until the last moment of the moving process might be the last though on your mind, but this final step can be of great importance to a successful green move. Before getting rid of all unnecessary items, be sure to check if any of them can be donated, recycled or sold (garage sale). New York is well known for its active green community online and off-line, that is why, and you will be able to find easily helpful websites of charities, NGOs that might collect reusable items.
5 Green Moving Tips For A Great + Green Move!

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