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Spotted: Best Hints to Expose a Rogue Mover in NYC!

rogue movers nyc

An unpleasant case of rogue moving that appeared in the press this month, raise again the concern for this problem that affects our moving industry. Being committed to help our potential customers to choose the right moving solutions for them and, especially, to guide them throughout the whole moving process, we at Empire Movers NYC considered it would be necessary to remind them some simple, but important tips to spot easily a potential untrustworthy moving company.

It can be extremely useful for those who do not live in big cities and can’t contact a well-known and reputable moving company NYC, but rogue moving can give you a headache even in case of living in the heart of New York.

Protect your belongings from rogue moving companies and spot them quickly:

  • Maybe the first and most important sign of a rogue mover: the moving company gives a very low moving price compared to the other NY moving companies.
  • The moving company’s address is fake or non-existent or hard to find on the map
  • The New York moving company requires a large amount of cash before the actual moving day
  • As a customer, you do not receive a written document with your “Rights and Responsibilities
  • The NYC mover offers estimates only by phone or online, refusing to visit for an on-site check
  • You find online complains from other New Yorkers about that specific mover on forums,, Better Business Bureau
  • The company seems suspicious on the phone, promising a lot without offering details or asking specific questions.

Do you have other hints that help you notice a rogue NYC mover? Write them in the comment section below and help other visitors to be aware of this problem!

Spotted: Best Hints to Expose a Rogue Mover in NYC!

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