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How to hire quality movers in New York

Millions of people are moving each year in the United States and a large portion of those moves are taking place right here, in New York City. Unfortunately, as a result of this huge demand, it’s sometimes really hard to find good movers. Some will do a bad job, others will even scam you. That’s why it’s so important to be informed and, of course, to hire quality movers.

Now we’re not saying that hiring quality movers is an exact science. But there are definitely a few signs that will help you make sure you hire the right team for the job. Here they are:

Quality movers will take inventory of all your belongings

Moving doesn’t just mean grabbing your stuff and taking it from A to B. A real moving company will first of all take inventory of all your belongings to determine the bulk and weight of the move. This part of the job should be done as thoroughly as possible. The movers need to check all of the client’s storage places, from cupboards, to drawers, bookcases and more. The weight of the stuff that is being moved and the space it takes up in the truck are very important.

At Empire Movers we take this step very serious. We don’t just ask for details about your belongings, but about the destination as well. This information helps us better understand how to deliver your belongings safe and sound, what size moving trucks to use and what to expect. Thus, we avoid unpleasant surprises and you avoid the extra fees that come with them.

A good mover asks questions

If the movers you hire act like they know everything, then they might know nothing. A good mover will always ask questions. Many clients think this is a waste of time. But it is actually the best way to make sure that the move is done right, without any unpleasant surprises.

Moving is a team effort. And, as anyone will tell you, you can’t have good teamwork without good communication. Our professional movers always ask our clients what they plan to move.

Trust is important

A good moving company is also trustworthy. Be sure that your pick has a local address as well as information about its licensing and insurance. Empire Movers is a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association and is fully licensed and insured in NYC. (US DOT 1795794, NY DOT 37873, MC 728255 – long distance moving license)

Honest movers don’t ask for deposits

A real moving company will never ask for cash or a large deposit before moving. Be very careful, as there are many scammers out there. You should only pay after the move is finished. And, as extra caution, use a credit card to pay. This will help protect you from any fraudulent activity.

Quality movers come with references

And if you can’t get any references from family or friends, check out testimonials or client reviews. You’ll find them on Yelp, Google Places and many other websites. And if you really want to do your research, get a list of reliable movers from the American Moving & Storage Association.

A blank moving contract means someone is trying to scam you

You should never sign a blank contract. Make sure that you get everything in writing, from the estimate, to the extra fees, pick-up date and delivery date. And also take care to read that contract carefully. Your belongings have to be listed on it. Otherwise, you can’t file a claim for something that does not appear on that inventory list.

Moving insurance

Many companies will tell you that their movers are the best. But if a company brags that its movers are so good that you don’t require moving insurance, then you should definitely stay away from it. All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the things they transport. And all quality movers will tell you about it from the start.

Additionally, you should always get moving insurance. No matter how good a moving company is, accidents do happen. And this is where insurance comes in handy. But, as always, make sure that you get the right insurance for you, as different options are available, each with its own degree of protection.  At Empire Movers, you can choose from three different options of moving insurance. They are all listed on our website.

Final word

To us, the Empire Movers team, and to the other honest people working in the moving business, there’s nothing more important than our clients. That’s why we want to help them find the services which best suit their needs and also avoid scams. We hope that our list will prove helpful and that they will all have the best moving experience possible.


How to hire quality movers in New York

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