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Hourly Rate Movers vs. Flat Rate Movers

When working hard to select a moving company, you often encounter a hurdle that is really hard to get passed. It’s deciding whether a flat or hourly rate is better for you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A flat rate can be perfect for certain types of moves, while an hourly rate might be better suited for other, different types of moves. In order to make the right choice, you need to study the two, find out as much as you can about them, and figure out exactly what you need.

What is an hourly rate

Most professional movers charge by the hour, especially when dealing with local moves. Billing starts when the crew arrives at your home and it ends when the move is finished. The cost will include drive time. Usually, hourly rates vary from state to state. They can also be influenced by the time of the month, week and even day.

Hourly rate pros and cons

Most movers work with hourly rates. If you give them all the information they require for the move and if there are no stairs, parking problems or other difficulties, they will be able to offer you a pretty close estimate, so you can figure out exactly how much the move will cost you.

Hourly rates are better suited for local moves. If you know all the details of the move (traffic, weight and number of items, etc.) and you plan just right, you can end up saving money.

However, there’s always a chance that something unexpected happens and it delays the move. This, unfortunately, will cost you. Traffic jams, car accidents, lack of parking spaces, they can all hurt your budget.

What is a flat rate

A flat rate usually comes with an in-home evaluation. A representative of the moving company will visit your home to evaluate your belongings and estimate the weight and value of the items that you want to move. The distance and other factors will also be taken into account. Once all these details are written down, the estimator will be able to offer you a “price point”. It will guarantee that the amount you have to pay will not exceed that price.

Flat rate pros and cons

Having an estimator come in and evaluating your belongings can be the best thing ever for your move. You just need to make sure that the person the company sends to evaluate your items gets all the details right. Once they do this, they will be able to offer you an estimate.

A flat rate is a better choice if you’re dealing with a long distance move. A long distance means a lot of unexpected things can happen. These can delay the movers and end up costing you a lot. But, with a flat rate, you avoid these problems, as well as many others, such as encountering stairs or elevators,

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of a flat rate is that it will also include the price of fuel, lodging and weight of your items. These will increase the price.

Final word

When it comes to moving, if you want to save money and to make sure that everything goes as planned, you need to do your homework. It might take some time and effort on your part, but, in the end, you will get what you want.

And if you really want to save some time, give Empire Movers a call. We will advise you whether you should go with a flat rate or an hourly rate, and help make your moving experience the best possible.

Hourly Rate Movers vs. Flat Rate Movers

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