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How about moving to Brooklyn?

Not yet moving in Brooklyn? You should. New recreational places are being planned here.

This year, the Brooklyn Bridge Park will get its own floating pool. The officials want to build a new floating pool, like the wildly popular barge-borne one that docked in the Brooklyn Heights harbor four summers ago. The first step was took and there is an application for a permit with the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Everybody expects that such a place will be more than popular and will attract visitors from all over Brooklyn, New York City, and foreign countries.

moving to Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge, photo: Jeff Smith Photography

“Having recreation that makes this park the citywide star that it can be is very important, and having a floating pool in the harbor would help the park reach its potential.” officials say.

Brooklyn is a big place, encompassing more than 76 square miles of densely populated land. The borough is made up of many neighborhoods, all culturally, architecturally and financially diverse. Before planning a move to Brooklyn, study a map of the area, and research the different neighborhoods which are appealing to you.

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How about moving to Brooklyn?

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