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How to Move a Couch-Zilla?

moving couch fail

Well, it is a pretty common concern during a move: how to squeeze a sofa through a narrow door or twisted stairs? Moreover, you wouldn’t want to be the “star” of a Youtube moving couch fail 🙂

That is why we selected useful tips from professional movers and best tips around the web to help you accomplish this “heavy” duty.

Twisting, pushing, turning, removing parts, maneuvering…just a second!


  • First, it’s always best to plan. Check how much space do you have in order to move your couch.
  • Measure the width and height of the sofa as well as the elevator entrance/ door opening or stairwell to know exactly if your couch has a chance to fit. In some cases, it will be necessary to remove the door to obtain some more free space.
  • Check if the pathway is clear of obstructions or breakable objects.
  • Call a friend to help you with moving. You are not Hulk to handle it yourself :), so make sure that you discuss what you have to do.Also, rehearsing is recommended if you don’t have experience in moving couches.
  • Most of the sofas can be demounted and the pillows, cushions can be removed so you should consider diminishing the sofa’s weight.
  • Place the couch on the back, as it will be easier to move it.
  • Finally, set the right angle and slide the sofa through the doorway while coordinating your steps with your helper. Don’t rush and check thoroughly the corners of the couch and find a safe spot to place it.


    Good luck! 🙂

    How to Move a Couch-Zilla?

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