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How to Move The “Coolest” Item…The Fridge!

how to move a fridgeMoving the heaviest items from our house might be the biggest challenge during the moving process. Let’s revise the basic steps to move the “coolest” and coldest kitchen item– the fridge!

First of all, it may seem easy enough to manage transporting a refrigerator, but don’t forget that it is not just a simple piece of furniture and you should do the moving properly in order to not damage its mechanism and cooling tubes. Extra help might be needed in most cases and some supplies, as well.

As moving supplies, during the transportation, it’s best to have at hand a moving dolly, straps and tape.


Step 1: Remove the content. Refrigerator should be prepared for the transportation, first by clearing all the items. Do not forget the freezer! Defrosting is another important aspect and as it takes several hours, it’s better to leave the fridge to unfreeze overnight. Also, be sure that the doors will remain closed by securing them with tape. The shelves must be secured as well.

Step 2: Transportation. For this kind of item, you should better use proper equipment. A dolly can be of great help. Place the refrigerator on the dolly and move it away from the wall. Don’t position it on the side and carefully pull it up the moving truck ramp.

Finally, it’s always recommended to read the original manual of instructions, as it might contain safety information during transportation, too. Internet is another great source of inspiration and how-to’s and video tutorials, but if you might need extra help from ny professional movers, there are plenty of nyc movers you can call.

How to Move The “Coolest” Item…The Fridge!

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