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How To Protect Wood Floors from Furniture While Moving?

How To Protect Wood Floors from Furniture While Moving

Moving appliances and furniture pieces on hardwood surfaces can be a stressful task without specific preparation. It’s ok to be concern about the beautiful wood flooring of your new location, but it’s best to think proactively and find the best solution to make sure you have floor protection for moving furniture.

  • In order to avoid having a damaged and scratched floor at the end of the moving day, consider first to put a rug at the main door of your house. It will prevent having sand and dirt all over your floors.
  • If the movers are already on their way and your floors are not covered yet with soft carpeting, why not improvise? Plastic bags, sheets, cardboard is better than nothing, but be sure to secure them in order to prevent slipping and tripping over them.
  • You might think of using socks for furniture legs to prevent the scratches caused by placing down these items in a hurry.
  • Also, a dolly will be great to transport easily appliances, without damaging your hardwood floors.
  • Don’t forget to get some help and avoid sliding appliances along your hardwood floor.

How do you prevent your wood flooring from scratching during moving around NYC ? Share your tips with us!

How To Protect Wood Floors from Furniture While Moving?

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