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How to transport a pool table: 7 Steps

How to transport a pool table: 7 Steps

Doing a home move? Those who choose to box up their old pool table might require additional assistance. In fact, if you’re transporting a pool table, you might want to think about hiring experts. Why? Because, seriously, relocating a pool table is no joke. A pool table is among the heaviest objects one can own, and moving one necessitates a protracted and laborious disassembly process.

Up to 1,000 pounds can be found on pool tables. They are particularly challenging to move because of their weight and bulk. Because of these factors, it’s crucial to enlist as much assistance as you can when transporting a pool table. We understand that for some people, employing professional movers to handle every element of the pool table’s dismantling, moving, and reassembly may not be an option. A pool table can be moved with the aid of strong pals if employing professional movers—those skilled in transporting unusually large objects—is out of your price range or time frame.

Here’s how you relocate a pool table on your own.

1. Locate the right relocation equipment and supplies

First things first: start gathering your resources right away, starting with the toolbox, if you intend to move a pool table yourself. A power drill, screwdriver, socket wrench, and an abundance of heavy moving blankets are required. To assist with removing the felt from the pool table, you’ll also need a staple remover. Office supply retailers like Office Depot and Staples carry staple removers.

Tip: Make sure everything is labeled because the last thing you want to happen while moving the pool table is to lose or confuse various components. I advise keeping a lot of marked bags or boxes on hand so you can store screws and components inside.

2. Purchase a moving truck

Unfortunately, moving a pool table is beyond the capabilities of your minivan and sedan. The lengths of typical pool tables are 7 feet, 8 feet, 8.5 feet, and 9 feet, according to Robbies Billiards. You’ll likely need to rent a pickup truck or box truck from a reputable truck rental facility depending on the size of your pool table. When transporting a pool table, there are fortunately several moving truck rental businesses to pick from. Visit’s truck rental hub for additional details and savings on numerous rental truck companies.

3. Recruit as many volunteers as you can

Once the necessary materials have been obtained, it is time to recruit some extremely capable workers to aid with the relocation. I advise enlisting the assistance of at least four to five friends or family members. On the day of the move, make sure everyone is dressed appropriately, including wearing some sturdy sneakers. I advise using a specialized moving firm if the relocation is very difficult and involves maneuvering through tight doorways or climbing high steps.

4. Measure the widths of the doors, stairs, and hallways.

A doorway, stairway, or hallway that the object must pass through should always be measured in advance. By doing so, you can gauge how simple it will be to move the pool table and all of its components about your house. Before starting the moving procedure, make sure to open the doors and thoroughly safeguard the walls and flooring. Before transporting a large, heavy item around your home, I usually advise covering any sharp edges with baby-proof bumpers or thick towels.

5. Take the pool table apart.

Finally prepared to disassemble the pool table, you’ve gathered your pals and your tools. The six ball pockets on the table must first be removed by removing the staples holding them in place. Instead of using a staple remover, you will need a screwdriver to remove pockets that are screwed into your pool table. Next, use a socket wrench to work on the side rails of the pool table. Gently take out each side rail after the bolts have been unscrewed. Be sure to clearly mark each part and store each bolt and screw individually.

It’s time to take off the felt covering the top of the pool table right now. Use a staple remover and carefully extract each staple to successfully remove stapled-down felt. Make every effort to avoid tearing or harming the felt during the removal process. It’s time to take on the slates on your pool table after the felt has been securely taken out and stored. It should be noted that these slates are, to put it mildly, heavy. According to, a one-piece slate typically weights roughly 450 pounds. Therefore, to remove the slates from your pool table without hurting your back, you will need as much help as you can obtain. The slates will probably be screwed in, so you should prepare to have a power drill handy to remove them properly. With the assistance of friends, carefully remove the slates once the screws are out.

You can proceed to the pool table’s main body and legs after removing the pockets, rails, and slates. All you have to do is separate the pool table’s main frame from each of its legs. You might need to flip the pool table’s main body on its side or upside-down to make this easier.

6. Guard all components, then load the truck

Before transferring the gameroom piece to your new home, make sure to completely cover every piece of the pool table in moving blankets (and possibly bubble wrap, if needed). The slates should be protected as much as possible when loading the pool table into the truck because they are both very heavy and delicate. I advise driving carefully once the pool table has been loaded into the vehicle to prevent objects from moving and breaking while being transported.

7. Rebuild the billiards table

Although putting the pool table back together in your new home can be challenging, you basically put it together the opposite manner you took it apart. Rejoin the legs to the main frame with the aid of pals. Add the slate and felt to the top after the legs have been reattached. Next, secure all of the rails and pockets. It can be challenging to apply the felt to the pool table while maintaining its perfect smoothness, therefore it’s normally better to leave it to the experts.

How does a slate pool table be transported?

When transporting the slate, fasten it down to prevent damage from a speed bump. Make sure to cover it as well as properly stack the parts on top of one another. Having a piece of wood between the slate slabs while stacking them is a good idea.

Can slate for a pool table be moved flat?

Check again for any shims or other debris at the slate’s base. The slates can shatter during shipment due to even relatively minor factors. Each component needs to stay perfectly flat.

A slate pool table may be moved by two people

This part will require a large team of workers. You’ll need a tough workforce even if the slate splits into several parts. They might each weigh a few hundred pounds. Move the wrapped frame to the back of the truck after detaching it.

Is moving a pool table worthwhile?

Nevertheless, there are valid justifications for hiring a mover. You run the danger of significantly harming both the location you are relocating into and your pricey pool table. A hefty object like a pool table poses a serious risk of injury.

Do you prefer to hire moving professionals?

It’s generally a good idea to employ specialists for the job if transporting your pool table seems a little more difficult and overwhelming than you initially expected. Check out Empire Movers & Storage vast network of renowned and reliable movers, all of whom are licensed and insured, to locate a capable moving business close to you. You may be sure that your pool table will be in good hands by selecting a mover.


How to transport a pool table: 7 Steps

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