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How to treat your movers?

Moving Day Etiquette: How to Treat Your Movers The big day has finally arrived! The day you’ve been planning for has finally here after weeks of packing, sorting, cleaning, planning, and arranging. When the movers arrive and knock on your door, fear sets in since you entirely failed to take care of THEM. There’s no turning back at this point, and you don’t have any cash on hand for the tip, nor is there a drop of drinkable water to be discovered, and the only place to find some munchies is in the pantry box stashed away in the garage. You’re not the only one who has ever had to deal with this shattering reality! Many people have different ideas about how much to tip, what to give your movers, and how to arrange the specifics, so we’re here to provide you the official protocol so you’re totally prepared!



You should definitely tip your moving staff because they work really hard to move and manage your most valuable possessions as a service professional. The “inside information” regarding tipping your movers is as follows:

  • Tipping levels for movers vary, but they should be determined by the scope of the activity they are handling on your behalf. Around $10 per person is thought to be a reasonable cost if you only have a little amount of things and it only takes a half day. However, if you have a long distance to walk to the truck, heavy furniture, and it will take all day to move, it is advised to budget $20 per person. According to sources, 5% to 10% of the entire moving cost is also a reasonable amount.
  • When tipping, remember to give each person their share rather than leaving it up to the foreman to distribute. It’s an expression of respect for each individual and their unique contribution to your move. To avoid rushing at the last minute, organize the tips in separate envelopes at the start of the day.
  • Always provide cash tips to your movers.
  • The standard of the service they rendered is another factor to take into account when calculating a tip. Did they pay attention to every detail and perform an AMAZING job, or did they do a poor job and cut corners? This will frequently determine how giving you want to be. Movers should arrive on schedule, handle your belongings with care, and be well-organized.
  • Moving companies usually always accept tips. To be sure you’re following their rules, though, verify with the moving firm in advance.


Food & Drinks

It’s basically up to the homeowner’s decision when it comes to food and beverages, but here are a few simple guidelines to take into account:

  • It is generally agreed that, at the at least, you should give your movers a jug of cold, bottled water or, if you prefer, a pitcher of plastic or paper cups. It’s considerate to keep extra cold beverages like Gatorade or lemonade on available in addition to bottled water.
  • .Some customers opt to buy the moving staff lunch as their only “tip,” whilst others also give them money. It’s crucial to remember that if you do decide to serve lunch, be sure to provide them a variety of food alternatives rather than assuming they’ll only eat one or the other. Ask if any staff members have any particular allergies as well.
  • If you decide against offering a full meal, giving the crew members snacks is an excellent substitute. Granola bars, fresh grapes, snack-size cracker packets, and orange slices are also excellent choices.
  • Never serve beer or any other alcoholic beverage to the crew at the conclusion of the day. Drinking while working is often prohibited by rigorous company standards, so it is preferable to prevent any possible legal pitfalls.


Manifesting gratitude and respect

Giving a gratuity or offering food and beverages are only two ways to express your gratitude for the work of your movers. Simple compassion also makes a big difference. Here are some straightforward yet considerate ways to express your gratitude:


  • Using their name when addressing their boss or even just thanking them directly might go a long way.
  • Post a review online on Google or the business’s social media page, mentioning the names of particular crew members who went above and beyond.
  • Request that your undesired furnishings be taken by the movers. Offer to have one of the movers take any outdated furniture you are getting rid of or that won’t fit.
  • Provide a space for them to rest when they take breaks. Simply setting up a few lawn chairs in a shady part of your lawn can accomplish this.
  • When they first arrive, direct them to the restroom, and make sure it is filled with liquid soap and paper towels.
  • Be readily available. Make yourself accessible to them, show them around, and generally help them out however you can to make their job simpler!


You don’t want additional stress on moving day, whether you’ve moved once or ten times. Being organized in beforehand relieves stress on you, the movers, and everyone else involved. Utilize this advice and spread it among your loved ones and friends to ensure a fantastic and successful moving day going ahead.

What should movers not be used for?

Keep Clear of Their Path! There’s no need to watch over your team and instruct them on how to pack and transport each box, even if you should obviously point out things like fragile objects or narrow staircases. Count on their knowledge and let them handle things how they see fit. There is a reason why you hired experienced movers, after all.

How should I move properly?

Mover Etiquette 101: How To Treat Your Movers On Moving Day Movers should be prompt, organized, and treat your belongings with care. Moving firms usually always accept tips. To be sure you’re following their rules, though, verify with the moving firm in advance.


How to treat your movers?

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