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“I should have known that!” – 10 common mistakes in NYC Moving

George Bernand Shaw once said that success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” So don’t worry if you forget or do something wrong when relocating. NYC moving will always give you headaches, even though you have little to ponder about and have everything covered. But if you are rather “experienced” with moving in NYC and you still keep saying “Whoops!”, then you should pay more attention to the following list of 10 most common mistakes to be avoided:

1. Little or no research when choosing the right New York moving company: ignoring this step could mean utter disaster for your move! Do your homework! Make up a list of candidates and check their background responsibly. After all, your own money and belongings are at stake here! Your movers in NYC should be properly licensed and have good records with the local authorities.

2. Ignoring free packing material: whether you own them or are supplied free of charge by your NYC movers, crates, boxes, newspapers and other wrapping resources should be seriously taken into consideration as they often save a pretty penny. Why pay for something free and not save those hard earned bucks and buy something nice for your new home?

3. Packing the wrong way: your heavy items should go in the smallest boxes, not the large ones, to avoid breaking or damaging. Small boxes are sturdier and can handle the extra weight better than their bigger counterparts.

4. Failing to measure clearance space in new home: this mistake could land you in a heap of trouble if you don’t pay extra attention to it. Imagine arriving at your new home with your New York movers and finding out that your doors are too small for your furniture to go through! How’s that for a stressful move? Always take the time to measure each access point and share this information with your moving company in order to avoid such situations.

5. Flammable, explosive or corrosive substances packed for moving: Advanced chemistry is forbidden territory to most of us, therefore always take care when moving not to pack hazardous materials. Vibrations, sudden moves or any other brute force that may happen during transportation can set off a dangerous reaction with serious consequences.

6. Ignoring the bill of lading: in case there are problems with your NY movers, this piece of paper is your contract with them, the foundation for any problem solving. So DON’T LOSE IT! Always keep it handy, just in case.

7. Inadequate box labeling: leaving boxes without a label when packing or providing little information regarding handling or destination can make unpacking a nightmare! Every box should be carefully made ready for transportation and marked with distinctive information for easy unloading. Take the time to label each box according to the room it’s going in, specify handling and any other useful information your NYC movers should be aware of.

8. Ignoring useful info regarding tax deductions: some items are tax deductible and others are not, we all know that, but not everyone knows which items. Therefore you should consult the IRS website prior to your move to be able to estimate your relocation budget appropriately. Keep every receipt; don’t throw them away, because they could be worth some money from Uncle Sam.

9. Mistreating your New York City movers: if you treat your movers in NYC like some peons who can be pushed around and treated badly, you’re in for a big surprise! Just because they get paid for their services, that doesn’t mean that they’re robots who don’t react to nice treatment, a glass of water or a sandwich. Even though you’re busy and stressed out, calm down and have a friendly chat with your movers before the move. Introduce yourself, explain the situation clearly, create a positive atmosphere, have drinks and snacks handy and you’ll see a sharp increase in productivity.

10. Rushing into NYC moving: rushing things like there’s no tomorrow is fatal to successful New York moving. Always plan ahead, take your family to the new home, spend some time there, eliminate the psychological impact of relocating and inform the services you are depending on of your move (US Postal Office). Do everything by the book, thoroughly and way in advance of the actual move date.

“I should have known that!” – 10 common mistakes in NYC Moving

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