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“I will survive!” What do your plants have to say about NY moving?

Plants give any home the feeling of life and warmth and, therefore, are a valued companion or even friend for most people keen on creating a pleasant, stress free habitat for themselves. Apart from the occasional watering and cleaning, they don’t require much attention or effort… until you decide it’s time for New York moving, that is! That’s when plants can give you a few headaches because they’re not just another item you can just pack and then unpack like nothing happened. Special pots, sphagnum moss, foliage in burlap… only to name a few methods you should consider when preparing your plants for NYC moving. Of course, first of all, you must decide whether or not they are worth the effort. Remember that giving them away as a donation or a gift is always a good idea, rather than throwing them away, in case you can’t afford to properly move them to your new home.

So, you’ve decided you want to take your plants with you, eh? And even if you didn’t, keep reading… you may! Well, let’s move on to the proper procedures required to make sure they survive the truck journey to your new location. First of all, you must transfer your plants from breakable pots into plastic ones in order to withstand possible shocks or accidents resulting from delicate road and traffic conditions. Any kind of plastic pot will do, depending on your spending range – new or used (remember to sterilize them first, though). After caring for their roots, the next step is to keep your green friends (and I don’t mean Martians :)) well supplied with food. It is important to give them a good watering on the day your New York movers arrive, but you should leave out some sphagnum moss soak overnight. The moss is for wrapping the soil tops and keeping high moisture levels during transportation. Now that you made sure your plants would not go thirsty and wither, you must tend to their physical integrity. Coating the pot in paper (newspaper will do) and burlap (and even the foliage in burlap) will prevent you from finding broken leaves or stems on the truck floor upon arriving at the destination.

That’s it! Not that much trouble if you have the time and you care about your plants, is it? But then again, if you’re not convinced, you can always donate them. Don’t throw them away because each green patch, no matter how small, helps us breathe cleaner air. Not to mention good ol’ Earth!

Empire Movers practices and supports green moving methods and is 100% environmentally friendly!

“I will survive!” What do your plants have to say about NY moving?

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