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Just Moved? 20 Creative & Unique Moving Announcement Cards For You!

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Moving out or recently “survived” a NYC move? Changing your address has a special fun part, especially if all the moving boxes are unpacked and every tiny item has its “own home” in the new NYC residence. You might have guessed that we are thinking of choosing and sending fun and creative moving announcements to friends and family.

It’s a “must” to inform with style your loved ones, but it’s not all about the address: it’s actually great to express your excitement of moving to a new place and starting a fresh new chapter in your life. Instead of wasting time calling everyone, you can browse the “just move cards” collection of online shops as it is more comfortable to let those you know that it’s time to update their address books.

Searching for moving stationery online, in order to give you a hand, we found lots of interesting patterns and trendy & fresh designs. Especially popular are the modern moving announcements and vintage “we’ve moved” cards, but the best part is that the majority of available “just moved” announcement cards is easy to customize and you can choose to represent your family’s personality in a variety of ways: personal photos, special fonts, themes and colors of your choice. For business owners who would like to let know customers of the latest change of location, there are customizable business moving announcements as well.

Below you can find 20 of our favorite “just moved” cards:

Moving to a new home is an important life milestone, so do not forget to search and select the best moving announcement cards and start spreading the word once you’ve settled in your new neighborhood!

Just Moved? 20 Creative & Unique Moving Announcement Cards For You!

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