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Hurry Up! 5 Quick Last Minute Moving Tips You Should Know

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Sometimes, successful moving is not about planning, thorough research and reading all the useful online moving tips, but it can be measured by how well you can cope with a last-minute NYC move. This is actually a common situation for many New Yorkers and it might be helpful to ease their stress by offering below some essential, quick last minute moving tips to get through this “tough exam”. Follow these moving tips in order to save time and ease your last-minute move:

  • Less is more. “Be merciless” Your objective is to save time and get to do all the necessary tasks in order to move without any problems to your new location. Thus, packing takes a lot of time and we recommend starting selecting items you really need to be moved. Being nostalgic about each item in your house can really slow things down. This is why, it is better to start a new life with fewer things. If you tend to hesitate whether you need that object or not, then it’s a sign you might not need it actually.
  • Reputation is key even when time is not enough. When the clock is ticking…not in your favor, you tend to hire the first NYC mover that you see in the Yellow Pages, but we recommend making several calls: maybe those professional NYC movers you heard about are actually free on your moving date. Even though you do not have time to make a extensive research, don’t forget that checking online the credentials of NYC movers on Yelp, BBB, Citysearch is not so time consuming at all.
  • Gather all the help you can. A last-minute move is not the time to be a hero and try to do everything by yourself. Exhaustion and frustration can influence your ability of managing the whole moving process that is why it might be a good idea to start calling those nice neighbors or good friends you are meeting each weekend. Not only you will get many things done in a short period of time, but others can be a great source of suggestions.
  • Forget about hunting for used, cheap, free boxes. When moving, everybody wishes to save as much money as they can by searching for free moving boxes in NYC or used packing materials, but it’s hard to chase two rabbits. That is why it is best to enter the first supply store and get all the boxes and packing materials you will need as …time is money as well :). After moving in your new home, you can sell the used boxes on Craigslist and get your money back.
  • Involve each member of the family. Maybe your kids are at their first move and giving them small moving task and supervising them might be more of a distraction to you, but you would not want to be in a situation in your new location when you’re little one is crying because some of his/her toys are missing. It’s best when each member of the family is responsible for his belongings.

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Hurry Up! 5 Quick Last Minute Moving Tips You Should Know

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