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7 Tips For Downsizing When Moving From A Home To An Apartment


When moving from a large house to a smaller apartment, decluttering is crucial. You might feel that old, recognizable stress creeping up your back as you consider all the minimizing you’ll have to do. But don’t panic, just go through each empty cupboard, drawer, or closet, making sure to get rid of duplicates and keeping just what you absolutely need or use frequently.

Why downsize?

The phrase “downsizing” refers to more than simply retirees. In fact, many younger families are now eschewing the flexibility that apartment living offers in favor of their four-bedroom homes with perfectly tended lawns and gardens.

The term “downsizing” applies to more people than only retirees. In fact, a lot of younger families are choosing to stay in their four-bedroom homes with well maintained lawns and gardens rather than the freedom that apartment life affords.

  • less expensive utility charges
  • Less maintenance and cleaning time
  • more options for properties
  • Access to facilities and transportation services is improved

7 Things to Consider when Downsizing

Be prepared

Make a commitment to a decluttering challenge at least one month before your intended move so that you are ready for a less stressful transition to your new home. A key step in this process is downsizing since it enables you to evaluate your belongings and determine what is most important. Whether it’s the kitchen, the garage, or the closet, start with one room at a time and make harsh judgments. Reduce the weight of your future relocation by selling or donating items you no longer need or use. By organizing your belongings in advance, you’ll not only reduce your moving expenses but also have a clean slate when you get to your new location.

Think about storage

If you’re pressed for time, think about using temporary home storage options as you go. Use portable storage container to make extra room in your driveway for sorting your belongings to help with the downsizing process. The best place to store anything you’re pondering is off-site. You can evaluate if you actually need such items in your life and home by removing them from your living space for a month or two.

Utilize multipurpose items to add more storage

Spend money on items that will save space. Downsizing is all about maximizing space savings. Consider purchasing a few things that make it simple to save space. Consider purchasing an ottoman that can store blankets or vacuum-sealing bags to bundle your seasonal clothing.

Sales, freebies, and trash items


Avoiding bringing clutter with you to your new house is the best way to do it. Before moving, go through each room’s contents and select which items should be sold, donated, or thrown out.

Chances of recouping your investment may be slim unless you have expensive furniture, luxury clothing, or gold or platinum jewelry. If you have the time and energy to list and package your products for shipping, consider trying internet sales. A yard sale provides an additional choice for getting rid of large goods like unwanted furniture. Make arrangements for the leftovers to be picked up at a nearby charity resale store.

It’s difficult to let go of treasured belongings. Keep the things you value most. Consider saving just one or two items from a bunch of baby clothes or toys if you wish to minimize these items. The remainder should be captured for a scrapbook.

Another option is to photograph and frame larger sentimental objects, such a loved one’s favorite chair or other pieces of furniture, for future reference. You can feel good knowing that these things will continue to be used if you give the things away or donate them.

Examine your must-haves closely


It’s simple to gather a surprisingly large number of mementos. Selecting the most significant mementos from this collection and keeping them in a box with a label to make them easier to locate. Give yourself some emotional wiggle room if you find it difficult to part with beloved childhood keepsakes or familiar objects. After all, it took you years to collect everything you own; getting rid of it won’t be simple.

Be considerate of the furniture you use

Before you carry that heavy dresser up three flights of stairs, there is no better time to decide if you actually like it. Prospective tenants to figure out where their largest pieces of furniture would go on the apartment’s design in advance. If you’re looking for furniture ideas for compact spaces, We that everything that takes up space should have a purpose, and frequently, multiple purposes. For instance, a kitchen cart with a butcher block top can double as a bar cart, increase your counter space, and store pots and pans.

Just bring what is necessary

Are a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, toaster oven, and air fryer really necessary? Even if you wanted to, you probably won’t have place for all of them in your new apartment. Get down to the bare minimum and be practical; this goes beyond the kitchen.

Key Takeaways

Reactions to downsizing might be mixed between joy and apprehension. Downsizing is not as scary as it seems, though, if you approach the process with forethought and thorough research. In fact, it might hold the secret to a novel and interesting way of living.

Consider these things as you consider downsizing:

  • Location: Access to your hobbies and interests via walking or public transportation is essential.
  • The building itself: Getting to know your neighbors before you buy could prevent tension afterwards.
  • Strata management: Verify the strata’s management and financial stability.
  • Functionality: Consider what furniture you’ll need and how you’ll live in the flat.
  • The future: In terms of security and safety, evaluate whether senior living is appropriate.
  • Taking the leap: let Empire Movers & Storage help you downsize to an apartment

Undoubtedly, downsizing is a significant life choice. Making the best choice requires going to apartment inspections with an open mind and the proper questions in mind. There are many different possibilities to think about.

Empire Movers & Storage’s staff is ready and happy to support you as you begin your new journey and successfully transition to an apartment. We can provide you with experience as well as great industry knowledge. Facilitating the smooth progress of the purchasing and selling transaction.

7 Tips For Downsizing When Moving From A Home To An Apartment

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