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Moving away from family

Living in quaint, old school small town isn’t for everyone. If you’ve considered moving to New York, you might find yourself in the position of leaving behind your friends and family, a difficult situation for anyone. Just for this situation, we wrote up a few tips to help you through this difficult transition:

Make the effort to keep in touch with your family

Moving to New York and leaving all your close family and friends behind will mean that you will have to put in more effort to maintain the relationships. You’ll have your own schedule to work around, as well as theirs, but it will be worth it in the end. This is the moment where you learn to appreciate that your parents are on Facebook, even despite the embarrassing posts and comments on your photos. So, whenever you can, make sure to drop a line, call, whatever works.

Create a routine

If you’re moving to New York, or anywhere else, really, you should consider establishing a new routine for your daily life. It’s pretty scary living on your own in a new place, so make sure to have activities planned that will keep you distracted and help you get to know new people and places. Grab a coffee, hit up a local hangout and make some new friends. Just don’t wallow in the fact that you miss your parents or your friends back home. Make New York your new home once you move there.

Plan your vacation days accordingly

Now that you’ve moved to New York and away from your family, you’ll have to plan your holidays accordingly. Spending Christmas together won’t just mean that you can simply drop by on your way to a party. You’ll have to plan things out in advance and make time to go visit your family. Getting back to your roots can be an important experience once you move to New York, so make sure to leave some time open in your calendar.

Enjoy your new ‘family’

It won’t take long for you to make new acquaintances and friends when moving to New York. Be they school colleagues or work friends or simply a stranger you’ve met at a concert, learn to cherish and nourish these new relationships. Being away from family does not mean you can’t make your new one after moving to New York.

Remember why you chose to move

Moving to New York can be a daunting experience and if you’re missing your folks and friends it can be even worse. Whenever you get the blues, remember why you moved to New York in the first place. There certainly was a good reason that you deemed worthy enough to leave the comforts of your childhood home behind. Missing your family is temporary, missing an opportunity is permanent.

Final word

So, with these tips in mind, Empire Movers hopes that your move to New York can be as pleasant as possible. Put yourself out there and soon enough you’ll feel just at home.

Moving away from family

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