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Moving with children

It doesn’t take much for children to get bored. And, when they do get bored, if it happens that you are busy with a serious task, your children can get in the way and make finishing that task really, really hard. Moving with children is very difficult. If you can, don’t do it. But if you absolutely must move, then here are a few Empire Movers tips that could make the process much easier.

Start packing when the children are sleeping

This is one way to make sure that your kids won’t get in the way and won’t make packing difficult. It’s also the best time to pack their toys. But remember to leave one box of toys open, so they can have something to play with.

Ask your friends and family to help with the kids, rather than the move

Although you might be tempted to ask your friends to help you pack and move, ask them to watch over your kids instead. People would much rather entertain children than carry heavy objects.

Color-coded duct tape is a huge help

Blue tape for your son, red tape for your daughter, green for the living room, yellow for something else. Color coded duct tape can help you get organized better and faster, and it will allow you to unpack without wasting any time.

Start early

It’s a good idea to start the moving process several weeks, maybe even months, before the move date. And that’s if you don’t have kids. With kids, moving can take twice as long. So you’ll probably have to start packing even earlier, if you want things to go as smooth as possible.

Get rid of unwanted items at night

You don’t need to move everything that you have in your old home. Some things, you can give away. But your kids might not agree with that. To avoid any problems, get rid of these items at night.

Online yard sales are a thing now

It’s the modern age. We use the internet, Facebook, Craigslist. You can now get rid of the things you don’t need fast and easy. And you’ll also make some money out of it.

Buy some new toys

You’re probably going to give away the older toys, rather than taking them with you to your new home. But if you do, your kids might not be very happy with you. To avoid any problems, buy some new toys. They will make the children happy and excited to move to the new locations. And you can use the money you made from selling the unwanted items.

Say goodbye to the old house

A home is a home and you can’t help but get attached to it. It’s the place where you feel safe, where you’re yourself. Moving away from the old family home can be emotional for adults. So you can probably guess that it’s at least just as hard for the kids. It’s good for the soul to take one last look at your old home, go through all the old rooms and just say goodbye.

Moving with children

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