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Moving in NYC – Pleasant vs. Stressful

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The first thing that comes to mind when moving in New York is stress. Lots of headaches, plans, worries and estimates just barrel down and drain the very life out of you right before the move itself. Well, we can’t do much about that, but we can instead show you that a move can be pleasant and stress free if you chose Empire Movers to handle the entire operation. Naturally, the sheer size of a move is frightening because of the large workload needed to be sorted out in a rather small time period. But try to stay calm and plan everything right down to the last detail and things will run smoother than you ever dreamed. Here are a few tips that could make a big difference between a stressful move and a pleasant one:

Smart box management: start packing each room in an orderly fashion and color code the boxes for an easy move into the new location. This will make it easier for our NYC movers to load and unload your belongings in the right room at great speed. No mix-ups and constant pointing in the right direction for you! Just relax while everything is put into place and visualize your new location fully “dressed” in your furniture and appliances.

Movers briefing: Take a few moments to discuss the new location conditions with your Empire Movers team. Taking all the obstacles they may face into account, please provide them with a complete background on any difficulties they may face during the move. For example, considering the fact that we rely on rather big trucks for transportation, a few “heads-up” on parking space and regulations would greatly help when planning ahead. Also, your new building’s unique features such as entrances, stairs or narrow spots would present little problems to our experienced NYC movers if clearly pointed out prior to the move. Any little detail counts, so don’t hesitate to give a complete report.

The floor plan: Going that extra mile to review your new location’s floor plan with your New York moving team will immensely smooth things up on move day. With their own copy of your floor plan on them, our guys will know exactly where to take each box and where to put it for effortless unpacking. So spend a few minutes and show them your new location, either on site or on a plan. The more familiar they are with your room placement, the faster they can unload everything!

Keep in touch: Make sure you are “in communication range” for status updates or questions from our team supervisor. Try to be free of as many distractions as possible on move day and stay in touch with our NY movers at all times for a smooth operation. Children, pets, office calls, everything that could interfere with your focus should be looked after by someone else on the day of the move. Keep yourself and your movers updated and keep stress and any problems away!

Moving in NYC – Pleasant vs. Stressful

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