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Moving to Long Island – the best attractions and activities in the area

moving to long island

KIf you’ve moved to Long Island, you’re probably overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of places to visit and things to do. We’ll try to make it easier for you. Here’s a list of the most-loved attractions and activities that are available to you after moving to Long Island:

The Montauk Point State Park in Long Island

Home to the famous Montauk Lighthouse, the Park forms Long Island’s eastern tip. The area is not the most welcoming for swimmers, but it does offer other activities instead. Some of the finest surf-fishing waters are here, and the Park also offers picnic shelters and some wonderful hiking trails great for cross-country skiing during winter time.

Fire Island National Seashore

Fire Island National Seashore is a long and narrow barrier island.  It became a National Seashore in 1964, in an attempt to keep its sandy dunes, maritime forests and numerous bird habitats free from the commercial development undertaken throughout Long Island. Road access is fairly limited. Only the Fire Island Lighthouse and the Smith Point Visitor Centre being approachable by car. You can reach the other two visitor centres only by foot and boat. The Island represents a nice refuge from modern life, offering the possibilities for hiking, bird-watching, camping. It should be on your must-see list if you’re moving to Long Island.

The Coe Hall

If you’ve got a taste for the Roaring 20s, this Tudor Revival mansion is the place to visit. Home of Mai Coe, oil heiress, and William Coe, an insurance tycoon, the mansion boasts of rooms decorated with a gorgeous collection of antiques. Known as the Planting Fields, the grounds of the mansion have been preserved over the years. It is the only Gold Coast estate with such a claim. The breath-taking formal gardens and greenhouses make the Planting Fields a must see, if you move to Long Island, just like Coe Hall itself.

Walt Whitman’s Birthplace

For the literary inclined among you, Walt Whitman’s Birthplace has to be on the list of places to visit. Walt Whitman was born on Long Island in 1819. He wrote world-renowned poems such as ‘Song of Myself’, ‘Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking’ and ‘I Sing the Body Electric’. A poet that sung the virtues of nature, he would probably find it ironic that his house is now in the middle of an urban jungle. However, the Whitman residence has been preserved. Now, it has the same look and ambiance that Walt Whitman himself enjoyed while his family inhabited it.

If you’ve found nothing interesting for you on this list, fret not. There are many more attractions for you to visit when moving to Long Island. You will most certainly find something according to your preferences. And if you are looking to move there, don’t forget that Empire Movers is here to help you out.

Moving to Long Island – the best attractions and activities in the area

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