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Moving NYC: How to Pack Kitchen?

kitchen packing tips nyc

New Yorkers frequently search moving guides and checklists when dealing with the moving process. We find out from our NYC clients that they are of great help for them and we would like to start the new 2013 year with a range of blog articles focused on packing room by room. So, why not start with the most cluttered room: the Kitchen?

Even a tiny kitchen hides in its drawers and cupboards lots of utensils and items that must be sorted and selected prior to the move, so be sure you have enough time planned in your moving schedule to handle this special room.

In order to be able to pack your kitchen faster, try to apply these packing tips below:

  • Try to collect and get enough moving boxes and packing materials, as many of the kitchen utensils and cooking pots have a more awkward shape and are generally harder to pack. That is why you can never know how much packing tape you will need to seal a specific item. In general, a family needs several large boxes (bigger appliances, items that can be placed along with others), approximately 10 medium boxes (for cooking pots, pans, books, cutlery), few sturdy boxes for breakables, dishware), cell kits (great for bottles and glasses), usual packing materials (bubble wrap, packing tape and paper, labels, markers).
  • It is recommended to start the packing procedure with kitchen items and cooking pots that do not break easily and with those that you do not use often. Thus, you can place fragile objects above them.
  • The next step would be to pack wine, oil, vinegars and other food items that are stored in bottles. If you think some of them are not worth the effort to be packed and moved, then it is better to give them away. Most probably, you can find them in stores at your new location.
  • Next it’s time to handle those chaotic shelves and drawers, sort them and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Be extra careful when packing fragile items. Those cell kits and sturdy boxes will be very handy at this stage.
  • Regarding food cans and perishable or frozen items, it is advisable to pack them only if you’re moving locally.
  • Finally, after having everything selected and carefully places in moving boxes, quickly label each box and be as specific as you can. Unpacking will be much faster and stress-free due to this small and important task.
  • Decluttering will help you prepare the big appliances more easily and be sure to leave at least one day for this task. Find the instruction manuals to avoid unpleasant incidents or get professional help to make it safer.

Extra tips:

  • Items that you no longer need or not you have used them for a while, sometimes do not justify the shipping costs. Therefore, a solution would be to donate them or sell them if you can.
  • It’s always good to have on hand a box of basic kitchen items for your family that will be needed in the days before and after the actual move. You can label and store it in your car to be easily identified.
Moving NYC: How to Pack Kitchen?

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