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Moving NYC: Best Tips to Get Enough Sleep During the Move

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Moving implies a long list of to-dos: is getting enough sleep also on your moving checklist? How are you coping with the stress and the uncomfortable situation of moving? You might say to yourself that there are too much things to supervise and take care of. Completing the sleep cycle and having a healthy move is not usually the main concern of someone who need to move to/from NYC.

Here are some tips to stay energized with all eight hours of sleep, while packing for the moving day:

  • Try to keep the space for sleeping free of moving boxes, packing materials, as clutter causes easy accumulation of dust. Also, the mess around you will be an inconvenient memo that there are lots of packing left to do and the concerns will be stopping you to fall asleep quickly.
  • Plan everything as soon as possible. Last minute moving tasks will make you feel uneasy and stressed about all the moving tasks that are pending for several days.
  • Physically, moving is really challenging and can be considered a real workout for some people. From this perspective, it’s best to pack and sort the items in the house in the morning or in the afternoon. Leave your evening for more pleasant and relaxing activities with your family.
  • Do you feel already tired and worried about the moving process? Hire a reputable New York moving company and leave all the packing to professionals. A healthy and peaceful sleep is priceless.
  • Having sleepless nights since started to prepare for the next move? Why not contact your family doctor and ask for a medical advice. He can guide you and offer you great tips to restore that sleep cycle and get your eight hours of rest back.
  • Don’t rush to pack your favorite pillow. Even if it’s the last night in your old home, make it as comfy as possible. Also, an air mattress will be handy when you want to get a nap at the new location.
  • Coffee is a must usually when you’re pulling an all-nighter to pack your things, but be sure to have it in the first part of the day in order to avoid a sleepless night.

Have a healthy and relaxed move!

Moving NYC: Best Tips to Get Enough Sleep During the Move

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