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Moving to Brooklyn – a possibly expensive venture

Welcome to Brooklyn, one of the most appreciated neighbourhoods in New York. If you’re thinking about moving to Brooklyn from your quaint, sweet town from the middle of nowhere, you’ve probably asked yourself if you can actually afford living in this beautiful place. We’re here to help you with some information on the living expenses to consider when planning a move to Brooklyn:

Housing costs you need to consider when moving to Brooklyn

This is what most of your income will go towards. While Brooklyn still isn’t exactly the most expensive borough in New York, prices are rising steadily on the housing market. Whether you’re looking to rent or to buy, your new little home or apartment is going to cost you quite a pretty penny more than you’re probably used to. Make sure to factor this into your budget when trying to calculate how much money you’ll be left with at the end of the month.


After bearing in mind the cost of renting or buying a place when you’re moving to Brooklyn, the next thing to factor in a big way into your budget is going to be transportation. If you own a car, you have to pay for the maintenance of the car, the insurance, fuel costs and the like. And a big offender is the cost of parking. Brooklyn is not as expensive as Manhattan, for example, but moving there will most likely include an increase in your parking fees. If you’re a public transportation user, you have to take into account the various transit passes you will need in order to get to work on a daily basis and any other places of interest for you.


This should come as no surprise, but yet it still does for people that make the move without doing their homework. On top of housing prices and transportation being more expensive than other places in the country, groceries will also cost you quite a tad more. And we’re not even to the part of eating out. If you’re one to spend your free evenings with some friends at a restaurant, over a nice meal, you’ll like to know that the average prices for indulging in such activities once you’ve moved to Brooklyn can go up by 50%.


One of the clear advantages to moving to Brooklyn are the endless options for entertainment. From going out shopping with your girlfriends, to watching the latest blockbusters or enjoying your favorite band live, this can all turn into a very expensive affair, as the trend continues in this area as well, and you expect higher prices than you’ve grown accustomed to. On the bright side of things, there’s plenty of free-admission events as well, it just depends on your preferences and how picky you are.

Moving to Brooklyn – a possibly expensive venture

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