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Moving to/from Manhattan: How to Transport a Wine Collection?

Wine Collection Transportation New York

Manhattan Relocation #2 FAQ

questions about moving relocation moversWe really appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm some persons put in creating a special wine collection. That is the reason we chose to talk today about moving wine.

Particularly, what are the top things we should pay attention when we move wine bottles?


Empire Manhattan Movers Answer

answers about moving relocation moversGenerally, transporting a wine collection implies extra care and protection in every step of the moving process: inventory, packing, storage, transportation and unpacking.

Prior to the actual transportation of the wine, it is recommended to take pictures of each bottle before packing and label each box with “handle with care-this side up” stickers. In addition, you should contact a qualified evaluator, in order to establish the value of the collected wine bottles. This aspect is important for insuring your valuable items during the move. Also, having a recent estimation of the wine collection’s value is an advantage in case of damage or loss.

Once your evaluation is done, it is time to contact a professional relocation company. A qualified moving team can advice you about the best method to choose for a safe wine transportation. Be sure to communicate all the important details to the moving company: special instructions, type of vehicle needed etc. After arriving at the new location, verify the wine against your inventory and photos. If you notice something wrong, get in touch as soon as possible with the representative of the moving company.

Moving to/from Manhattan: How to Transport a Wine Collection?

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