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Moving to/from Manhattan: How to Keep Jewelry Safe During the Move?

Packing and Moving Jewelry Safely

Manhattan Relocation #3 FAQ

questions about moving relocation moversJewelry packing and moving is often postponed until the end of the moving process, since there are heavier items to take care of initially and few of us can foresee that transporting jewelry is not easy sometimes. Therefore, today we would like to offer some moving tips on how to transport securely earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other types of jewelry when moving to/from Manhattan.

Empire Manhattan Movers Answer

answers about moving relocation moversIn general, jewelry can have great financial or sentimental value, either way, jewelry items need care and protection from being damaged or lost during the moving process.
Earrings and chain necklaces can easily get tangled and mixed together; this is why you should be very attentive when packing them. In order to avoid chains to get hooked, you can insert each chain necklace or bracelet into a simple drinking straw, that can keep the shape and prevents the jewelry to mix with another chain. Also, it’s best to place each type of jewelry in different sections of a portable storage box, that will be first taped with tissue paper in order to provide the breakage of jewelry.
Small precious jewelry items, that are valuable, can become the perfect target for thefts, so you should be extra careful when organizing the jewelry transportation. If you possess very expensive jewelry, be sure that you have insurance in case something disappears during the move. Another option is to decide on a secure deposit box at a local bank where we can keep safe your jewelry.
In case you choose to move your jewelry collection together with your other items, it is recommended to hire a professional and reliable NY moving company and don’t forget to inform your moving consultant that you have valuable items in the first place. This is important for movers too; as they have to make sure that their insurance can cover the cost of damaging/losing something during the move.

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Moving to/from Manhattan: How to Keep Jewelry Safe During the Move?

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