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National Moving Month Is Almost Here!

may national moving month

Are you prepared to celebrate moving? Our Empire Movers’ team is ready for sure! May is our favorite month of the year as it marks the beginning of the busiest relocation season. It is officially declared the National Moving Month by AMSA, the American Moving & Storage Association, and it is a way of remembering the American mobile ancestry.

In this special month for the moving industry, our New York movers try to raise awareness of the importance of collaborating with experienced, professional movers in the New York state and to offer assistance for businesses and families that consider moving this year. In May, we celebrate hardworking and honest movers that improve the image of the relocation industry and move successfully millions of American households every year.

Referring especially to the New York area that Empire Movers serves, we hope for a decrease of moving complaints and moving frauds that damage the reputation of licensed and insured New York moving companies that activate here for a long time. From this perspective, we would like to encourage our visitors to:

  • request support from our trained staff
  • read our blog for more moving tips and useful news on relocation
  • prepare thoroughly for the moving day
  • check for the licenses and credentials of the moving companies
  • learn more about your rights and responsibilities during the moving process
  • make sure your belongings will be protected and insured
  • get estimates from several NYC movers


Good luck and have an easy move this year!

National Moving Month Is Almost Here!

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