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What you need to know when moving a large sofa

Moving always brings out many worries, as most people tend to be concerned about the heavy items. However, the weight is not always as big an issue. Other things are much more important. Things such as the length and width of an item. This article will help you better understand what you need to do when moving large items, especially a large sofa.

First of, you’re probably not going to have stuff that’s too heavy inside your home. There may be heavy items, but not so heavy as to not be moved by a team of professional movers. Like we said earlier, weight is rarely an issue. The things that will cause headaches are the dimensions of your door frames and hallways. Sofas are usually part of this category.

Hire professional movers for your sofa

When dealing with a long sofa and a narrow hallway, you might find out that, even if the item is not that heavy, you just can’t maneuver it. At least not intact. But this is the moment you will congratulate yourself for hiring professional movers.

Professionals will take that piece of furniture apart, transport it safely to the new location and reassemble it there. This way, it really doesn’t matter how narrow the hallways of your old or new location are. The item will be transported, and it will be transported safely.

Professional movers have the tools and experience to handle such items. They will tell you what you need to do and when you need to take an item apart. So make sure that you share all the important information with your movers. You will help both them and yourself.

Other options

Of course, you may not want to move that large sofa of yours to your new apartment. You might just want to get it out of the old one. Storage comes in handy at this point. But that’s only if you want to keep it.

If you want to part ways with your sofa, selling it is another option. And remember, your movers can deliver it to other addresses. Just ask them to do it.

You can also leave your old sofa behind. If you don’t need it and if the building manager is ok with it, and most building managers are, then why pay extra to move it? Leave it behind and worry about something else.

Finally, you can always donate your sofa. You’ll do a good deed and you might even get a tax benefit from it.

What you need to know when moving a large sofa

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