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New York moving with your pet

Moving with pets can be a no sweat experience. You just have to take a few minutes to plan also your pet’s move before hand and you will have a smooth and comfortable move. By planning this pet move you will save a lot of trouble and nervousness for both you and your pet.

However busy you are with organizing the move, always keep in mind that your pet feels the same amount of stress as you do. Make sure that your moving company knows that when you move you bring along your pet. You could announce your moving team how your pet will travel to the new location in order they will be prepared. Call the moving company and ask what this implies.

moving with pets New York
Prepare for moving with pets

As a general rule, pets mustn’t ride in the moving van, the trailer, or the boot. For its safety and comfort. Most pets find travel extremely disorienting and strange and will vocalize loudly. This can be very distracting for the driver and distressing for all concerned unless everyone is prepared for this noise. Plus, while on the road it may run amok and expose itself to accidents. Drive it yourself, providing a soft, comfortable, and dry crate with food, water, and a few towels to change in with the old.

On the day of the move make sure you know were your pet is. The moving may scare some pets and they will tend to find a place to find a “safe spot” to hide. It is useful to have them confined in a room while you get everything sorted out. This will calm down a little your pet, it won’t be accidentally hurt in the moving boxes process and will save precious moving time trying to find it when its time to leave the old place.

Good luck with your house move and don’t forget to get a helpful ny moving company free estimate before you move !

New York moving with your pet

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