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NYC Moving FAQ: How Long It Takes To Move?

how long it takes to move nyc

When making plans for your moving day, the majority of our customers are concerned about the necessary time that is enough to move all their belongings. There are several things you should take into account when estimating how long the actual move takes. We will try to mention the most important ones.

First, the duration of the move is different as, from our experience; each client has his or her own circumstances that influence how fast the moving process is. It is good to ask your friends or online users about their previous relocation experiences, but don’t forget that their particular situations can’t be applied exactly in your case.

  • How long it takes to move, depends on the amount of items, moving boxes needed to be packed and transported on the moving day. It may take more time to move special items, such as pianos, chandeliers or big appliances, so be sure to find professional moving help if special crates are needed when packing.
  • Consider the actual route that NYC movers or your family will use to circulate from room to room to get the things in the moving truck, if it involves stairs and use of elevators that if might be necessary to reserve the elevator and extra care and time to not damage or scratch items moved.
  • Distance is essential when estimate the duration of the move. Google Maps might be great an offering time estimation and directions in order to arrive quicker at the new home, but it’s advisable to not rely solely on these traffic suggestions as driving might take longer if the moving truck is transporting fragile items or is caught in a traffic jam.
  • The weather conditions might cause delays with special floor pads are needed in order to prevent dirt and snow to spread on the floor or carpets. Be especially careful if the stair steps are slippery, it’s best to not rush in order to meet the initial deadlines and stay safe during the moving day.

If you try to find out how long it takes to pack your life and start a new chapter in NYC, we recommend taking these factors in consideration. Have a great move and do not forget to reserve enough time for a smooth transition for you and your family!

NYC Moving FAQ: How Long It Takes To Move?

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