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NYC Moving FAQ: How To Pack Pictures and Frames?

how to pack photos nyc movers

Photos are precious memories for a family and important story to share with the young generations. From this perspective, it’s essential to take good care of them during packing and moving around NYC. Some of them are irreplaceable items, so make sure to offer them the proper protection and treatment in order to keep their quality intact after before decorating the new home.

  • Avoid damaging the corners of photographs or breaking the glass for those who have a special frame by choosing a container suitable for different sizes. Do not forget to secure them with proper cushioning and protect them with padding from the margins of the box.
  • Don’t skip the labeling part, as well. It might be time consuming, but having all the important details on the back of your pictures will help you organize and store them quickly in plastic bags or acid-free albums. Avoid using a ballpoint pen to note details on the back of the pictures, as it usually leaves marks on the other side. Before placing them in your photo albums, remember to remove any paper clips, glue etc. that could scratch your pictures.
  • Especially in case of framed pictures, in order to keep them safe, try to enfold each of them with packing paper or newspapers or consider putting them between soft items from your wardrobe, sometimes the most efficient solution is not necessary the priciest one:)
  • It’s always recommended to have a plan B if things don’t run smoothly after the transportation part is done, try to use CDs to scan and store copies of your photos, as printed paper can be easily damaged by improper storage conditions.
  • Even though there is enough space in the moving truck, if you have some old, important photos with great value, it is best to care them with you. It’s easy to lose a small box full of photograph in the amount of different appliances and home items.

Store carefully your beloved photos and share your great memories with your kids and grandchildren! 🙂

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NYC Moving FAQ: How To Pack Pictures and Frames?

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