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NYC Moving FAQ: How to Move a Big Screen TV Safely?

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Big screen TVs have invaded our lives and are far from being a luxury for many New Yorkers, but they are pricey and you cannot afford to damage or scratch them during an ordinary NYC move. If you are concerned about how to move your heavy plasma television down the stairs, you came to the right place. These quick and efficient TV moving tips will help you to save your investment and transport carefully your TV.

  • Packing is an important step when moving a plasma, as it must be protected from moisture, extreme temperatures or rain. If you’re lucky to find its original package, then it is recommended to use it for transportation. Usually it offers the necessary padding and protection in order to not break the screen. They are other TV packing solutions that you might take in consideration: flat tv moving kits, hiring a NYC mover to create a custom TV crate.
  • In case the previous solution is not available, try to find soft blankets or furniture pads, lifting straps to wrap the TV and secure it from scratching. Remember to avoid using the packing tape directly on the surface of the TV.
  • One of the golden rules when moving a big screen TV is that it must be kept upright and never flat or on its side.
  • Don’t try to be a NYC hero and move your TV by yourself, extra help will be more than welcome especially when you’ll have to get through stairs and weird corners of your home. A friend or a professional New York mover could be of great help for the packing part, too. A dolly can come in handy if the TV it’s too heavy, it can be rented from local moving companies.
  • Special care is required during the actual transport, too. Make sure the TV is placed in the moving truck far from sharp items that could scratch it.
  • After arriving to the final destination, it is advisable to avoid turning plasma on for several hours.

We hope your big TV will arrive safely and if you need help, let us know!

NYC Moving FAQ: How to Move a Big Screen TV Safely?

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