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NYC Moving FAQ: How to Pack Lamps?

how to pack lamp

Having a hard time packing floor or table lamps? Empire Movers are here to help you as always. Check these quick steps to protect your beloved and fragile lamps.

  1. 1/ Lamps come in many shapes, so it’s best to start measuring the height of the lamps. These way you’ll know exactly how tall the moving boxes when shopping for packing materials.
  2. 2/ After gathering all the supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, extra cushion), be sure to carefully remove the shades and bulbs.
  3. 3/ Light bulbs can be placed in cardboard boxes in which they are usually sold or use plastic cups. Shades can be stacked and packed in a different box, especially it’s best if they have the same design.
  4. 4/ Remember to remove any lamp accessories and transport them separately and don’t forget to enfold the cable around the body of the lamp. Avoid using tape and just insert the end in the tangled cable.
  5. 5/ Use plenty of bubble wrap for the final touch and it’s best to stick to “one box / one lamp” in most of the cases.
  6. 6/ Fill the extra space with padding and label the box with “fragile”.

Have a safe move and call us if you need extra help!

NYC Moving FAQ: How to Pack Lamps?

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