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Office Moving in Manhattan

Moving is a fact of life. This necessary eventuality effects not only our home, but our job. According to the latest statistics from the Census Bureau, an estimated 2.4 million people move from major cities to surrounding boroughs and suburbs. The most popular reasons for a city to suburb move are job-related with 46% of moves being made for employment purposes. What you may not realize is that these statistics affect commercial relocation as well.

Moving; a Coordinated Effort

Every office relocation requires planning. Office movers in Manhattan must have expertise in planning, coordinating, and completing this process.

Summer is the primetime for moving outside the city limits. Luckily, Empire Movers NYC has the expertise and resources to help make your commercial move a success. Here are some of the office-to-office relocations the company has completed:

  • Laboratories
  • Hospital administration departments
  • Law offices
  • Information technology firms
  • Libraries
  • Multi-storied office buildings

They have the experience to handle whatever your office move brings.

Unlike other office movers in Manhattan; Empire Movers understands that a relocation involves more than moving office furniture and equipment from one location to another; it involves putting you-the business owner-at ease during the entire process. To help with that goal, we have put together a checklist to help you prepare for moving day.

9 Steps that help the Relocation Stars Align

Office movers in Manhattan know that diligence is key. Tackling a commercial move step-by-step minimizes the possibility for error and reduces costly downtime. We’ve managed to create a nine-step relocation boilerplate to help you stay on track.

Step 1Schedule a planning meeting. During this meeting, review what is expected of key staff members, give everyone a job to do, go over the floor plan of the new space, hire a relocation consultant through Empire Movers, talk to your insurance company, landlord, contractors, and telecommunication providers.

Step 2: Tell your clients. Send letters notifying clients and business associates of the impending relocation. Also, post notices at your current office location. Order office supplies like letterhead that include your updated contact information. Spend some time problem-solving, arrange a grand opening, and update any business permits or licenses.

Step 3: Touch base with your Empire Movers relocation consultant. This is a good time to review security requirements, coordinate staff tours, and notify all vendors and suppliers. Also, review the division of responsibility with your consultant.

Step 4: Take care to redirect. Make sure your bank, insurance carrier, accountant, utility companies, and IT department have taken steps to aid in your relocation. Arrange for shredding and storage services. Send out invitations to grand opening.

Step 5: Take stock of where you are. Meet with your staff and contractors for progress reports. Inventory office equipment so you know what to move, sell, and store.

Step 6Send out reminders. Notify clients by postcard, circulate a newspaper ad, verify moving day with new landlords and IT department, create mock-up for new office space and order any necessary furniture or remaining supplies.

Step 7: The final push. Arrange charity pickup for donations, generate packing lists for non-essential supplies and long-term inventory, coordinate hazmat disposal, and do final walk-through.

Step 8: Pack, assemble, and cater. Pack all of your remaining files and inventory. Double check to make sure new equipment is being delivered and assembled at the new location. Cater lunch for your employees and if possible, take the afternoon off.

Step 9: Moving Day. Give all non-essential personnel the day off. Show up with donuts and coffee for the movers and remaining staff. Make sure someone is at the new location at all times. Facilitate as smooth a move as possible.

Moving is the third most stressful event in life after death and divorce. The biggest tip office movers in Manhattan can give you is: stay calm. You’ll survive this; especially with the help of Empire Movers NYC.

Office Moving in Manhattan

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