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8 Steps for Organizing Your Storage Unit

You recently rented a storage space, and everything is packed and ready to leave, but now you’re wondering, “How am I going to organize my self storage unit?” The first step, which was the hardest, is now complete! Your storage space is prepared and eagerly awaiting all of your possessions, collections, and memories. All that’s left to do is pack it.

But take a moment to plan how to organize your storage unit before you start throwing items in there at random. You’ll be happy you took the time to carefully arrange your unit for future convenience. You don’t want to be forced to search through every box in your storage unit in search of that unique carving knife for the Thanksgiving turkey or those winter jackets in case of an unexpected snowstorm. Use these packing suggestions to fill your storage container to prevent falling and difficulty. Let’s arrange ourselves!

1. Label Your Boxes

Priorities come first. Labeling your boxes is one of the most crucial components of storage unit organization. It might be stressful when you’re looking for that one book for book club but can’t remember which boxes are “books” and which ones are “kitchen”! Label every box to avoid making this simple error. A box number, the room it originated from, and a description of everything within should all be written on the top and at least one side of each box. It’s best if you can be as specific as possible.

It can seem like a waste of effort to unpack and repack boxes simply to mark them if you’ve already packed everything. However, you’ll be happy you took the time now rather than waiting until later to search through your unit for a certain item.

2. Establish a Master List

self storage unit

Make a master list once you’ve tagged every box. Even while it may seem foreboding, it will ultimately be beneficial. For every box in your storage container, make a note of the box number and its whole contents. You’ll have a reference sheet for where each item is located in this manner. If you’re computer literate, you can also build or copy this list in a Word or Excel document.

3. Make a Plan

Making a map of your storage space is an excellent way to keep it tidy. It’s ideal to have a basic sense of where everything is in your storage unit rather than a precise architectural layout with dimensions (although you can if you like). It might be a simple diagram that divides your apartment into areas for each room. Pack the kitchen boxes, bedroom boxes, office boxes, and so on all together. When you need a specific item or box later on, even designating a little portion of your storage space to one particular area of possessions might be helpful.

4. Stack, stack, stack!

self storage unit

It may seem apparent, but using height is essential if you want to make the most of your storage space. The majority of storage facilities are 10 feet or taller, did you know? Now, to avoid unintentional toppling, place large, solid boxes or goods on the bottom of your stack and lighter or smaller boxes on top. To save room, you can also stack furniture, like tables, on top of one another.

5. Put the things you need to access in the front

Place everything you’ll frequently need to access toward the front of your storage container. As a result, you won’t have to dig around in the rear of your unit anytime you need certain products because they will always be nearby and easy to discover. Winter apparel, paperwork for the office or school, or holiday decorations are a few examples.

You may even use a special remark or a different color to draw attention to these boxes before you begin packing everything into your container so that you remember to place them at the front.

6. Make a central aisle

Your storage space could quickly turn into an impossible maze. Make a middle aisle instead of struggling to reach the back of your storage unit to save yourself the pain and embarrassment. Your belongings will still have plenty of area to spread out, and any boxes in the back of your storage unit are still within easy reach.

7. Allow them to breathe

Even if your storage container is climate-controlled, it’s still crucial to allow for air movement. Packing boxes on top of pallets will allow air to circulate beneath them. Additionally, to allow for ventilation, think about leaving a little gap between the walls of your storage room and your belongings.

8. Get stylish and get shelving.

Although you may not feel that your storage container needs shelving, it might be useful. By carefully stacking your belongings, you may make the most of the height of your storage space, but you might not want to put fragile items like glassware or wedding china on top of other items. Making the most of your available space with shelving also ensures that nothing will accidentally fall and shatter.

Don’t forget to find out what you can and cannot store within the unit when renting a storage space.

  • Select the ideal storage unit size for your requirements.
  • Use high-quality packing materials.
  • Pack cords and small electronics in watertight plastic baggies.
  • Before putting your belongings inside the device, thoroughly clean it.

Reasons People Frequently Rent Storage Units

You may be curious as to why self-storage facilities are springing up all over the country. Why exactly do people use storage facilities? We’ll go over the typical justifications for renting storage facilities.

Transitions in Life

Self-storage apartments can be helpful when coping with unexpected life changes, whether it’s downsizing for retirement or divorce, working through a natural disaster, or taking care of a family member’s estate.


self storage unit

Moving the goods you want to keep but don’t absolutely need right now to a storage unit is one of the best methods to avoid moving to a larger house or workplace while also guaranteeing that your space is clutter-free.


self storage unit

One of the most frequent reasons people rent storage facilities is to store their possessions while living in temporary housing, switching between leases, moving to a new house, or moving across the nation.

Apartment Living

Living in an apartment can be a lot simpler with storage containers, especially if you have a studio or a one-bedroom. This is due to the limited storage space in these homes. As a result, renting a storage space allows you to have extra space (especially when you figure out how to organize a storage unit).

Upgrading your Residence

Remodeling your home or office can take weeks or even months. You might also need to clear space by moving furniture and appliances. The simple solution to this issue is to temporarily move these goods to a storage space.

Commercial Storage

Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as contractors, frequently use storage facilities as extra room to keep extra inventory, materials, paperwork, equipment, and even company vehicles.

Military Lifestyle

Military personnel who are currently serving and their families frequently relocate to new bases. Military storage containers can be very helpful when moving because these adjustments might be rather significant.

University Storage

College students should hire storage units for a variety of reasons, including making extra room in their dorm rooms, returning home for the summer, or briefly studying abroad.

Storing a Car

A vehicle storage facility can be used to securely keep a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trailers, boats, RVs, commercial vans, and more.

Storage Units According to Dimensions

10 x 10 storage spaces

The standard storage unit dimension is 10 by 10. This 100 square foot area is only 50 percent as big as a typical one-car garage. The furniture, appliances, and around a dozen storage boxes from a one-bedroom apartment may usually fit in a 1010 storage unit. Even the whole contents of a sizable family room can fit in these storage cabinets.

10×20 storage units

One of the largest storage units that are typically offered is the 10 by 20. The belongings of a 3-bedroom apartment can fit in this storage space. The 1020 storage container, which measures 200 square feet, is ideal for storing big recreational vehicles, motorcycles, furniture, and mattress sets. When moving or upgrading your home, the 10×20 storage units work well for storing belongings.

10×15 storage units

A 10×15 storage space is a good option if you need a medium-sized storage container. You can keep the furnishings for a two-bedroom apartment in this area. These include large appliances and furniture. Even a little car can be stored in this area.

5×10 storage units

One of our smallest storage containers is the 5 by 10 one. When your items simply need a little additional room, this unit may be useful. If you live in a small flat, it is great. A 5×10 unit is large enough for a king-sized bed, an additional dresser, and around 10 to 15 medium-sized boxes despite its relatively tiny size.

5×5 storage units

The smallest storage unit offered in the majority of self-storage facilities is a 5×5. This unit is ideal if you need a bit extra space around the house because of its size. It can accommodate a dresser, a couple of folding chairs, some clothing, or a number of moving boxes and bags.

5×15 storage units

The compact 515 storage unit is about 30% larger than the 510 storage container and can accommodate a full-size bedroom’s worth of belongings. If you’re leaving a small studio apartment, this storage unit may be just what you need. A motorcycle can be brought in for winter storage as an alternative.

10×25 storage units

The contents of six rooms can fit inside this storage container, which is 250 square feet in size. The majority of people hire these storage facilities when they move to a new location or inherit a large amount of belongings. Once you have a strategy for how to organize a storage unit, you can store a variety of objects in it, including furniture sets, filing cabinets, tread mills, all of the kitchen equipment, and much more.

10×30 storage units

The furnishings of a four-bedroom apartment will fit in this storage space. It is not just homeowners who benefit from the 10×30 storage space. Commercial users may also utilize it to store excess inventory or supplies that need long-term or permanent storage. People relocating from larger flats to smaller ones may find the 1030 storage unit useful. While outfitting your new house, extra furniture and appliances can be stored. It may also be useful for persons who need a location to store their stuff while they hunt for housing due to damage to their homes.

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8 Steps for Organizing Your Storage Unit

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