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What to pack first when moving to a new home

Moving to a new place should not scare you. It’s just a fresh start, a new chapter in the story of your life. So don’t be afraid to do it. But don’t take it lightly either. Moving is serious business. And if you want to start that new chapter the right way, the best thing you can do is prepare both yourself and your belongings for the journey. This article will help you do just that. It will show you what to pack first when moving to a new home.

What to pack first?

Any professional mover will advise you to start the moving process by making an inventory of all your possessions. Sort them out, throw away the things that you don’t need, pack the things that you need, get insurance for your valuables, and so on. These steps are all very important if you want your moving experience to be the best possible. Sure, it will take some time, and you’ll probably have to put in some serious work, but it will all be worth it in the end.

However, before you start doing all that serious work, you need to know what to pack first. So what do you pick up first? Logic dictates that the things we should pack first ar the things we don’t really need that much. If you’re wondering what these are, here’s a list of steps that will help you out.

1. Empty out the storage areas

You might not be using all the things that you stored away in your garages, basement or attic, but you probably don’t want to throw them away either. This stuff is still useful to you, and you’re probably going to need it later. But you don’t need it now. That’s why the best move is to start organizing these items and packing them as early as possible. Getting them out of the way will allow you to focus on other things. But don’t forget to go through all your storage areas. Even if it takes a lot more time and effort, at least you’ll make sure that you won’t forget anything behind.

So get in there and decide the fate of all those things. If you want things to go as smooth as possible, you can organize your belongings into three different piles:

  1. Things that can be discarded – You might not need tools or clothes that are too worn out, so why take them with you? It’s better to just throw them away. Dispose of them immediately. Don’t waste any precious time on them.
  2. Things that can be donated or sold – If you don’t need these things anymore, but they’re still in good condition, you could make a few extra bucks by selling them. Or you can just give them away, if you don’t want to start a yard sale anytime soon. But make sure that you don’t invest too much time with this pile. You might start having second thoughts, and this will only make the moving process more difficult.
  3. Things that you need to pack for moving – You still need these things, so you also need to take them with you to your new home. Pack and prepare them for shipment a month or so before the actual relocation. And don’t forget to:
    1. Create a detailed inventory of all these items;
    2. Make sure they are protected against moisture, dust, rodents, because they’re going to spend some time inside those moving boxes;
    3. Label each box so you know which item went where;
    4. Place the packed boxes somewhere where they won’t get in the way.
    5. Take extra steps when preparing the large tools and equipment for the move. Drain all fuel from every tank and make sure that all sharp edges are safely wrapped.

Keep in mind

Remember that, for safety reasons, moving companies are not allowed to transport some of the things that you might have in your garage. These include antifreeze, paint, propane tanks, chemicals, fertilizers, motor oils and others. If you can’t move all of these yourself, you might want to either use them up or get rid of them.

2. Look for the things you can live without

You won’t miss these non-essential items if they’re packed away in boxes, will you? So go through all your closets, cabinets and drawers and gather things like:

  1. Artwork and decorations – I’m talking about framed pictures, vases, souvenirs, and other decorative objects. They make your home feel like home, but you don’t really need them. Not unless it’s the holidays and you’re looking to turn your house into a lighthouse. But, before you start grabbing all those old figurines, remember that these items are valuable to you. Pack them with the utmost care, as they are probably very fragile. Whether they’re worth a lot of money or they have just sentimental value, they’re still important and you’ll definitely want to keep them intact.
  2. Books – If you’re busy planning a move to a new home, then you probably won’t have any free time to read your favourite book. Pack all your books three or four weeks in advance and make sure you place them in sturdy boxes. Afterwards, deposit those boxes in a clean and dry place, so you’ll be able to still read the book once the relocation is finished.
  3. Hobby materials – Treat your DVDs and your video games the same as the books. You can keep a few, if you still want to play your favourite game at the end of the night, but take care of the rest.
  4. Kitchenware – Your fine china, plates, dishes, crystal glasses and all the other kitchenware are all very fragile, so take care when packing them. But do make sure that you pack them early. The chances of you hosting a dinner a few weeks before moving are slim. So get them out of the way fast.
  5. Off-season clothes and shoes – You’re definitely not using these so pack everything up.
  6. Extras – Make sure all those towels, linens, office supplies are among the first things you pack.
  7. Your collectibles – These items usually only have sentimental value. Find some moving boxes for them long before the relocation.

Once you’re done with the items mentioned above, you can move to other non-perishables, such as pantry items, sewing supplies, office supplies and others. You won’t have any problems living without them for a couple of weeks or so.

3. Don’t forget the non-essential rooms

You finished packing up the storage areas and all those non-essential items, but the work is not done yet. You should now move to those rooms you don’t really use that much, such as the living room, or your guest rooms. Pack these first. You will still need the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Final word

If you want your relocation to go as smooth as possible, you’ll need to make some sacrifices for a few weeks. It’s a good idea to start using plastic utensils and try ordering out those last few days before the relocation. This way, you’ll make sure that everything goes exactly as planned and that your moving experience is a pleasant one.

What to pack first when moving to a new home

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