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Maximize Space: 8 Tips to Pack More in Your Car!

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Moving related articles speak mostly about hiring moving trucks and packing and transportation tips when renting an NYC moving truck. How about personal cars? Actually, when the moving day comes, other than moving trucks many New Yorkers rely heavily on their automobiles, that are more suitable for storing essential things for the trip or valuable and breakable items that cannot survive a journey in a moving truck, such as electronics, gadgets, special documents etc.

If you consider using your car during the move, you’re primary concern should be to adjust each item in order to get more comfort during the trip and to make sure that your things arrive safely at your new home.

Especially, if you are a detail-oriented person, than this quality combined with the following packing tips will help you get more space in your car and find a smart solution to move around New York comfortably with your items in the back of your car:

  • A natural step in starting packing your car would be to decide what should be stored in your automobile for transportation. It’s best to consider sorting and reducing the quantity of items to be packed, as you will need the most essential items during the trip.
  • Having a list of items will help you to visualize more easily the best solutions to fit everything in a tiny space. After that, consider separating items in different categories, such as breakables, valuable documents that can’t be left in a moving truck, fragile electronics and gadgets.
  • Planning and proper packing materials will help you in maximizing the space in your car. Vacuum or simple plastic bags don’t take so much room and can be versatile in sorting different type of items. Avoid boxes as much as possible, as they are stiff and inflexible when stored in a car.
  • If you’re moving day is coming soon it might be recommended to buy less things that would require storage in the car during the moving process. Ask yourself if purchasing extra toiletries will be needed in the near future.
  • Avoid packing perishable food or liquids in the car, because it can be very stressful to unpack suddenly in the middle of the road in order to find the source of unpleasant smells and leaks that might occur.
  • Prepare your car for the big move. Cleaning and vacuuming it might be unpleasant task for some people, but you will appreciate the benefits of a comfortable trip in a clean car afterwards.
  • Forget about furniture and original packaging or other kind of boxes when packing things in your car. They take a lot of space and you could find yourself starting all over again with packing because your essential kit cannot fit anywhere.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to place important items and emergency kit in an accessible place in the car.

Drive safe and have a great move! Need help moving? Call Empire Movers NYC and get a free estimate!

Maximize Space: 8 Tips to Pack More in Your Car!

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