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The packing checklist that will solve all your office relocation problems

Staying calm and planning ahead are the two most important factors to making sure that your office relocation is a complete success. Sure, the process can be stressful and complicated, but with the right moving checklist you can streamline it and turn it into a piece of cake.

Here, at Empire Movers, we’ve used our extensive experience to put together the best office relocation checklist possible, to help make your life easier. Our packing checklist will help you make sure that you won’t let any of your most important items behind.

The Empire Movers office relocation packing checklist


Let’s start with the most important items: computers. Nowadays, everybody uses them. Our work is on computers. In fact, all of our useful information is there. That’s why it’s important that you take care to carefully label monitors and hard drives and that you make sure all employees prepare their devices. You should always hire professionals to transport this type of devices.

Other office equipment

Printers, copiers or servers are also important and should be transported by professional movers as well. Remember! Printers might require servicing before moving them. So hire a trained professional to remove ink cartridges.

Audiovisual Technology

Nowadays, many businesses acquire expensive audiovisual systems for their meeting rooms. These items are definitely not something you should leave behind, as they can cost a lot.


Many businesses nowadays use mobile phones. But some, such as call centers, still use phones, and they use them in large numbers. So make sure that you label each telephone and that you keep them together with their cords.


When dealing with desks, it’s important to first pack the contents into a box. If an employees desk also includes a lot of personal items, he or she might want to transport them personally to the new location.

Once all office supplies are safely packed, tape shut all the drawers and label each desk. Labeling is important, since many companies usually don’t move things that are not labeled. If you don’t want your desks to be left behind, make sure you label them. Don’t expect the movers will know what to do.

Storage cabinets

Just like with desks, empty out all the contents and lock each drawer. If there are keys, place them somewhere safe. If not, just tape the drawers.

Filing Cabinets

Usually, you can move filing cabinets with their contents still inside. All you need to make sure is that the drawers are secure. Just like in the case of storage cabinets, make sure that you keep the keys to your filing cabinets somewhere safe.

Final word

These are some of the most important items that you need to remember to pack when planning an office relocation. Of course, your business may own many other things. You have to pack them as well. If you’re looking for additional advice on anything, don’t hesitate to contact Empire Movers. We can help make your moving experience as pleasant as possible.


The packing checklist that will solve all your office relocation problems

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