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Packing Fragile Items: Glassware and Dishes

Let’s talk about moving your breakables. While this task may seem at first simple, you must follow some simple rules in order to avoid crushing your fragile items.

Packing dishes and glassware

Boxes built for moving china and dishes are the best for your breakables. Using the right kind of box when relocating for packing china, glassware and breakables can ensure a safe move of this precious cargo. If you can’t get them, any kind of box will do when that’s all you have – just use more packing material for thinner boxes. Here’s how:

1. Put packing material (bubble wrap or Styrofoam) in the bottom of the moving box.

2. Wrap each piece individually in paper (even newspapers).

3. Pack all of these items in such a way so that they won’t bang against each other.

4. Place plenty of loose crunched up paper in the voids and cavities in the box as you pack.

5. Put packing material on the top of the box and seal it with tape. Write “fragile” on the box and make sure not to place heavy boxes on these items to avoid crushing.

Always start packing your carton with the heaviest, sturdiest glassware, ending with most fragile in the top half of the box. The key is to have lots of packing material in the bottom and top of the box and each piece wrapped individually for the best protection.

Packing Fragile Items: Glassware and Dishes

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