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The Perfect Moving Tools to Move Large Items

Moving Tools

Appliances, business supplies, and tractors are just a few of the heavy objects that our New York moving company encounters daily. When it comes to moving, these kinds of moving tools present a variety of special logistical challenges, and safety is always a top priority.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the physical characteristics of a moving tools that can effortlessly raise a few hundred pounds or more. When moving big objects, the adage “work smarter, not harder” is undoubtedly applicable. By employing the proper moving tools, you can move big equipment much more easily by working intelligently.

The moving tools that professionals frequently utilize to transport large objects like furniture, appliances, and heavy machinery is listed below.

Roller Skids

Skates and roller skids are fairly similar, with one significant exception. Roller skids are constructed specifically to be fastened to large machines. The machinery can be raised using a forklift or toe jack so that the roller skids can be slid onto them. Skids are attached to the machinery after it has been lowered back down so that it can be pushed and moved as needed.


When lifting large machinery, a forklift is a great tool to have on hand. It was designed specifically to move weighty items over short distances. A forklift can be used to move machinery within the same building, but it cannot be used to move it to a new site. Instead, it can be used to load the machinery onto a truck.

Lift Buddy

The Lift Buddy will work when you only need a little assistance to lift the corner of a piece of furniture or equipment. This straightforward device functions as a jack to enable one-handed lifting of heavy objects. You can put skates, sliders, or glides in place for simpler movement while the equipment is being hoisted.

Moving Tools

Toe Jacks

As was already indicated, anyone without access to a forklift can benefit from using a toe jack (also known as a floor jack). Heavy machinery’s corners are raised using toe jacks so that skates or roller skids can be positioned below.

A toe jack functions a little bit differently from the Lift Buddy and is more powerful. A toe jack works like a car jack, lifting the equipment up rather than just crowbarring it. To lift, a hydraulic lever is employed. A swivel feature on some toe jacks enables you to precisely place the apparatus.

Since they may be employed with either a low clearance or a high clearance, toe jacks are excellent for heavy lifting. They can raise up to 60 tons as well! Despite its tremendous lifting capacity, numerous toe jacks could be required in some circumstances.

Lifting Straps

The use of lifting straps, commonly referred to as a moving harness, allows two persons to move mattresses, furniture, appliances, and other items. This versatile, straightforward equipment typically consists of two straps with adjustable loops at either end. The strap is positioned beneath the object being transported, and the loops are worn over the shoulders or the forearms.

The relief of back pressure provided by lifting straps is a significant advantage. Additionally, they improve stability and serve to balance out the weight distribution. The majority of lifting straps can support up to 700 pounds.


This gadget is exactly what it sounds like it is, and wheels typically make moving tools lot easier. Machine skates have a platform that is either square or rectangular and has wheels on each corner. Instead of having to be picked up and carried, the skates are placed under appliances and other pieces of equipment so they can glide and slide across the floor. Look for steerable skates with a detachable grip and 360 degree rotation for enhanced control.

Air Bearings

Movers frequently use air bearings to assist with moving large equipment that weighs several tons. Bearing components linked to a platform that is positioned beneath the machinery are inflated using an air compressor. The constant airflow lifts the apparatus, which practically floats across the floor. Particularly for machinery and equipment with unequal weight distribution, air bearing systems are appropriate.

Hand Truck Dollies

Moving Tools to Move Large Items in New York

A hand truck dolly is an excellent option for large but highly heavy gear and equipment. You have probably seen this piece of gear if you have ever moved. You might not be aware that there are various kinds of moving dollies, though. Although the load capacity is important, some dollies are also made for particular uses. For instance, there are appliance dollies, industrial dollies, and furniture dollies with enough height to support tall objects like refrigerators.

Moving Truck or Flatbed

Large pieces of furniture, appliances, and equipment will need to be carried to a new place using more than just a long-bed truck. You will want a moving truck or a flat bed with tie downs whenever you need to transport large equipment over a significant distance.

It is generally advisable to leave the task of moving big equipment to experienced movers. A single error could end up costing you thousands of dollars or seriously hurt you. At Empire Movers & Storage, we have years of expertise assisting both people and businesses with all aspects of relocating. For an immediate moving price for moving heavy gear and equipment, give us a call or fill out the online form.

How to Prepare for Moving

Consider creating a packing checklist before you start to stay organized. The following things might easily turn into packing necessities for a relocation as you get ready for the big day.


When it comes to packing, these should come first. It can be simpler to organize your home if the goods there come in a variety of sizes.


Having a powerful adhesive will help you safely store your household goods by sealing boxes, wrapping fragile things in bubble wrap, and more.

Utility knife/scissors

Utility knives can be used to cut through a variety of materials. When building things, having the ability to cut tape and other materials cleanly helps reduce any frustration.

Permanent marker

Box labels should be included. You don’t want to forget which items were put in which box. Use permanent markers to label boxes so that unpacking can be prioritized and organized easily by room.

Plastic bags

These can be useful for keeping non-perishable food products as well as smaller goods like utensils.


For mirrors and other breakable things, blankets can be utilized as additional padding.

Bubble wrap and/or newspaper. When packing kitchenware like cups and dishes, bubble wrap or newspaper might be useful in a similar way to using blankets.


Lifting heavy objects and parcels is made simpler by using a handcart. Utilizing this will lessen the possibility of physical harm when lifting heavy boxes.

Tips for Moving and Packing in General

When you pack for a move, planning and organization are paramount. Consider planning a timeline for your move and classifying your belongings by space, use, or general purpose. The following advice can get you going.

Commence with supplies you won’t need straight away

Start packing anything you don’t use frequently so you don’t end up living out of boxes and repacking.

Pack similar items together

Maintain order by organizing like items into groups based on their intended function or available space.

Keep essentials packed separately for quick access

Nobody likes to dig through containers to find what they require. Putting flashlights and first aid materials in the same box could prevent frustration.

Label each box by its contents and room

Making unloading simpler are room labels and box contents. Boxes can be immediately dumped into the proper rooms.

Color code boxes by each room

Having a color scheme for each section of packing can assure organization.

Allow yourself plenty of time to pack

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to give yourself a bit extra time to organize and pack than you think. Planning your packing in advance is a great way to ensure that you allow yourself adequate time.

Load furniture, appliances and larger items first

This makes it simpler to unload by giving the smaller objects closer to the truck entrance more space.

How to Prepare a Office Move

Moving Tools to Move Large Items in New York

There may be a ton of significant goods and papers at your home office. It’s crucial to consider how you’ll pack your stationery, documents, and electronics.

  • Don’t pack boxes too densely.
  • When disassembling electronics, think about coloring the wires.
  • Keep all critical papers handy to you and in a safe box.
  • Before disassembling electronics, take a snapshot of it so you can reassemble it correctly once you’ve moved.

Packing Up Garage Equipment and Outdoor Furnishing

With so much attention being paid to objects inside the house, be sure to think about how to pack any outside furniture and possessions in your garage as well.

  • Before relocating, empty propane tanks, charcoal, or burned wood from barbecues, fire pits, and heaters.
  • Clean and disassemble furniture to make relocation easier.
  • Keep your toolbox or any other equipment you might need for packing last.
  • For protection, wrap any sharp objects in cardboard, towels, or their original carrying containers.
  • Recycle light bulbs that you no longer use.

Stocking a Pantry or Kitchen

The space where your loved ones congregate is the kitchen. It might seem simplest to cram as much as you can into a box when packing everything in anticipation of a move in order to expedite the process. However, by correctly packing your energy-saving kitchen appliances and following the other suggestions below, you can avoid headaches.

  • To prevent accidents and messes, donate as much food as you can and toss any open packages.
  • Before packing, be sure to empty and clean all kitchen appliances (coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc.). Wrap the cables in a plastic bag and then insert them into the device.
  • If you have them, pack appliances in their original boxes.
  • A box marked “FRAGILE” should contain all breakable things.
  • To stack smaller dishes and keep them from breaking during the journey, use bubble wrap.

Packing Dining Room

When packing your dining area, you might need to pay more attention to details if there are breakable things.

  • To line boxes and act as bumpers for dishes and use kitchen towels, newspaper, cardboard, and/or linens.
  • Rugs should be rolled up and fastened with rope or plastic ties.

Packing a Bedroom

The following advice will help you get started and maintain organization as you figure out how to pack up a bedroom.

  • Leave hanging clothes on hangers and place them directly in boxes or moving containers.
  • Keep valuable possessions such as jewelry in a secure case or box. These should be kept with you, not in the moving van.
  • Use drinking straws or toilet paper rolls to avoid thin necklaces from tangling, and buttons to keep your earrings together.
  • Pack quickly by putting loose items in suitcases or travel bags.
  • If original boxes are available, shoes can be stored inside of them or within larger boxes.
  • For the move, cover mattresses and furniture with old sheets and blankets.
  • Place all pillows and bedding in labeled moving boxes after placing them in trash bags to keep dust out.

Preparing a Restroom

When it comes to packing, the restroom is sometimes forgotten. The following advice can serve as a helpful starting point.

  • Make an effort to pack your toiletry items last.
  • Make sure all toiletries are sealed and contained in plastic bags to prevent leaks.
  • Medication boxes should be labeled and packed individually.


Using the right tools is crucial for efficient, safe, and minimal physical strain when moving heavy equipment. Empire Movers & Storage use specialized moving tools like roller skids, forklifts, lift buddies, and lifting straps. Proper preparation, including packing checklists, organizing belongings, and labeling items, is essential for a stress-free moving experience. Trusting experienced movers like Empire Movers & Storage can prevent damages and injuries during the process.




The Perfect Moving Tools to Move Large Items

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