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How to properly store a classic car

A classic car. Is is a piece of art? Is it an investment? You decide. But whatever it is, you can be sure that it’s expensive. So just driving it to storage, to put it away for the winter, won’t be enough. Storing a classic car for more than a few weeks without the proper preparations will definitely affect the vehicle in a negative way.

Be it an investment, or a piece of art, or your “baby”, you definitely don’t want to damage it. That’s why we’ve put together these five classic car storage tips. You will surely find them helpful:

1. Fill the tank and change the oil

If you’re wondering why you should fill the tank if you’re not going to use the car, know that a full tank means a smaller chance of excess moisture building up in open spaces. This in turn means that your tank is less likely to rust. So fill it with premium gasoline and don’t forget to add some fuel stabilizer, which will prevent the fuel from hardening.

Additionally, also change the oil and the oil filter. Leaving dirty, old oil in can also cause rust within the engine. Following the oil change, remember to drive the car for a few miles.

Finally, you can also remove the spark plugs and lubricate the cylinders. It might actually be a good idea to keep the spark plugs in a safe space. This way, you’ll be sure no one will take your car out for a joy ride.

2. Get your classic car detailed

Again, you might think this is an unnecessary step, but it’s not. Dust can damage the paint, crumbs can attract pests and many other things can give out unwanted odors. Clean your classic car and apply a protective wax finish on the exterior. This way, when you pick it up next, it will definitely look fresh and ready for a great ride.

3. Fill the tires with air

Tires can be expensive, especially when it comes to classic cars. So it’s important to take care of them as well. Before storing the vehicle, fill your tires with air to the maximum suggested PSI. Afterwards, if you don’t plan on using the car anytime soon and if you want to relieve the weight from the tires and suspension, you can jack the car up using jack stands.

4. Remove the car battery

This is a must if you plan to store your classic car for the long term. Remove the battery and store it in a climate controlled environment. Finally, check the fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid), to make sure they’re topped off.

5. Select the right storage location

If you really love your classic car, you will probably want to store it in a safe, clean, dry, dark space. This is the best place for it. Your garage or any other place won’t be enough. Not if you plan to keep it there on the long term. You’ll have to do your homework and make sure that you find the right place. It may cost you some time and a pretty penny, but your classic car will sure thank you in the end.

How to properly store a classic car

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