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Relocation News: Moving Company Scam in the News Again

moving company scam nj

Unfortunately, we hear often on the news about moving company scams and in the past we made efforts to inform our current or potential clients about the risk of being mislead by unreliable movers with bad reputation. Of course, it is unpleasant to see such negative news that affects the whole moving industry. As we mentioned before, trust is essential in moving services, it’s hard to obtain it and easy to lose it. From this perspective, it is our duty to offer the best advice to online users, especially if they consider moving their belongings in the near future.

Below you can find an excerpt from the DailyRecord that presents the case of a woman from NJ, who was scammed by a fictitious moving company:


“A woman who moved this month from Ridge Road in the township to New York state is missing the entire contents of her five-room home in what authorities say looks like a moving company scam.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Jefferson police on Jan. 5 that the moving company, NJ Elite Movers of Garfield, quoted her $1,500 to relocate her to a new home in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.

The movers packed her stuff into their truck and then told her she would have to pay an additional $600, according to her statement to police. She agreed the company would take possession of her belongings until she paid in full. When she tried to schedule delivery the following week, she found the phone number had been disconnected, police said.

Jefferson Police Capt. Eric F. Wilsusen said his department has been in touch with the Garfield police about the incident [..].” The entire story can be read here

In conclusion, it’s important to mention that if you need to book a moving company:

  • Be sure that it gave you an accurate estimate
  • Discuss all the details before the actual move
  • Check for credentials, company’s profile on Better Business Bureau
  • Check if there are any complains on the online communities
  • Trust moving companies with experience, recommended by your friends and family


Relocation News: Moving Company Scam in the News Again

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