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Safe movers in New York City Bed Bug Epidemic

Every day there are reports on the local news channels, newspapers and business journals about the bed bug epidemic crisis confirming that one in every 15 New Yorkers has been personally affected by bed bugs. If you live or plan to move in New York area you must have heard the ongoing news about the bed bug epidemic. It is important to know that a bed bug infestation is a problem in the NY area and in the suburbs as well.

bed bugs in moving manhattan

If you are moving to Manhattan or moving from Manhattan you may be bringing bed bugs into the new home with you. Bed bugs are moving along because they hide in belongings and furniture. Mainly active at night they are hard to spot in the moving day and you might take some with you.

Granted that your possessions are not infested with bed bugs, you will surely need a bed bug safe NY moving company that can ensure your bed bug safe moving to New York or bed bug safe moving from New York. Empire Movers are safe bed bug movers in New York City Bed Bug Epidemic.

Furniture bed bugs safe

In order to guarantee you a free bed bugs moving in New York we take steps to try to avoid picking up bed bugs on your moving day. We can recommend an bedbug exterminator company and we can offers you the possibility to have your furniture and belongings covered in single-use wrapping materials. Call us to receive more information about a bed bug free moving in New York are.

Safe movers in New York City Bed Bug Epidemic

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