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Singles Should Move to New York!

This is not only Empire Movers’ opinion. Forbes chose Big Apple as the best place for singles! If you’re not sure about packing your bags and relocate to NYC right away, stay tuned to see below what are the reasons that make this city so “live-able” and the real Mecca for singles.

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Relocation is never an easy decision and most of the time, is not entirely up to us to decide. Personal criteria can be different, but this city has all the ingredients for an exciting and cool life:

New York is cool and trendy…not just in movies or books! Moving here means meeting interesting people from all over the world, being open to new opportunities and bumping into celebrities 🙂

New York is culturally rich. There are concerts, live theaters to attend and museums, exhibitions to visit every day.

New York never sleeps! Include in your schedule fun bars and nightclubs were you can energize yourself and forget about the stress.

New York is a great start for your career! Single persons have the true ambition and determination to climb the job ladder and what better place to begin your ascension than here, where worldwide companies have their headquarters.

New York is the place for people like you! The percentage of unmarried people is higher here and you’re match may live around the corner.


If NYC is the place for you, give us a call (212-365-8367). We will help you to have a great start here!

Singles Should Move to New York!

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