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Manhattan Movers & Moving Services

The busy, full-of-life aspects of Manhattan make it one of the most desired places in the US for those who want to move. Madison Avenue, Broadway, 34th Street, and even Wall Street are just a few that contribute to this borough’s richness, uniqueness and energy, transforming it into a place that is a dream for many who want to start a new life with endless possibilities. Evidently, Manhattan has become world renowned because of its streets and iconic places that have much to offer. Even if Manhattan is one of New York’s five boroughs, with its concrete wonders and mesmerizing skyline, it has become the most famous one. Of course, the Big Apple offers a lot of things to see, but many believe, and rightfully so, that Manhattan is the heart of everything, the true symbol of the city and even the whole USA.
Those who want to move here are astounded by the many wonders it has: the world’s most renowned and captivating theater district, the Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, the Guggenheim Museum, the Empire State Building and many more. Apart from these, Manhattan compromises such iconic neighborhoods as the Upper East Side, Times Square, Harlem, and of course, Greenwich Village. Those who spent here a week and were able to soak in just a fraction of this breathtaking place were more than ready to move here and start a new life. If you decided that you want to live here, you will have to rely on a moving company that is able to provide with everything you need to make the whole process as easy and as fast as possible. The Manhattan Movers company is at your service from start to finish, meaning labeling your belongings, organizing your stuff, moving and delivering your assets, unloading them to the right place and so much more.wonders and mesmerizing skyline, it has become the most famous one. Of course, the Big Apple offers a lot of things to see, but many believe, and rightfully so, that Manhattan is the heart of everything, the true symbol of the city and even the whole USA.

If you have fallen in love with Manhattan, found a great job here or you have other motives, and you decided to move here, one of the first things you need to do is to get in contact with a moving firm that is ready and fully capable of assisting you. The Empire Movers, one of the best in Manhattan, provides the required manpower, state-of-the-art equipment, proper logistics, well-trained and helpful staff, special trucks for transportation and so much more to guarantee a safe, fast, and extremely efficient moving experience. The Manhattan, New York Movers team is not just eager to help you, but highly qualified, offering a service that is without any stress and also cost-efficient.

Experts in the Manhattan, NY Moving Services

Our Manhattan team is qualified on all levels to provide a moving experience that is based on rapidity, effectiveness, communication, and professionalism. We see it as our mission to offer assistance regardless of the task, take good care of your assets, satisfy your every need during moving and work with a set of equipment that makes the whole process fast and efficient.

5-Star Rated Manhattan Moving Company

Being customer-oriented, Empire Movers receives daily positive feedback from our former clients, who recommend us actively to their friends and acquaintances. We are proud that most of our moving job requests are based on referrals.

Empire Movers at a glance:

Insured & Licensed.

Being an Empire Movers client means that your possessions are protected against accidental damages. Our company is licensed by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT 1795794, NYDOT 37873)


We know Manhattan best. As a moving company operating in New York for years, we understand the particular problems and challenges that a New Yorker may confront during a move. Our team can help you avoid and overcome them successfully.


Our professional movers are highly trained to take special care of each of your possessions while packing, unpacking or transporting. You can rest assured that your belongings and valuable items are in safe hands.


Our movers try their best to respect all of our clients’ special requests. We are adaptable and we can deal with all the unexpected situations that can occur during relocation. We also offer different payment options, so our clients can choose the ones that are more suitable to their needs.

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Residential Movers in Manhattan

We’ve been helping people move in, out and within Manhattan for more than a decade. Our team of residential movers consists only of highly trained and vastly experienced professionals. This hand-picked staff will offer you the no-damage and stress-free guarantee. Empire Movers takes special care of residential clients. Heavy furniture and electronic appliances, fragile china and glassware experts help and secure handling in order to avoid any damage. Our team of residential Manhattan movers is ready to offer its expertise in residential relocation, therefore leaving you more time to spend with your family in order to adapt to the new home and to get to know your new Manhattan neighborhood.

Residential Movers in Manhattan

Are you moving your business in or out of Manhattan? Moving your office can be a very stressful experience, but not if you hire the right office movers. We are ready to undertake any business relocation, whether it’s a small office or a corporate establishment.
While you make sure your business runs smoothly, doing what you do best, we’ll do exactly the same; and we are the best in planning, moving, supervising any making sure that all your belongings are safe and sound upon arrival at the new location.

Manhattan Local Moving

Our local Manhattan moving services are meant to help you with all moving issues, assuring an effortless and stress-free transition of your items. Hiring Empire Movers represents a cost-effective solution to your moving needs. In addition, your possessions are trusted to qualified local Manhattan movers who can pack, load, and transport them professionally.

Manhattan Moving Manpower

If you want to move to one of the most amazing neighborhoods of Manhattan and you know how difficult that can be because of various issues, you are also aware that having the much-needed manpower is a true necessity. Choosing us will provide just that. With a big and experienced team, offering the required manpower, we can easily help you in any situation and give a solution that is cost-effective, time-efficient, and also professional.
With a highly-qualified team and an experienced foreman, there isn’t a single obstacle we can’t overcome. The Manhattan Empire Movers are full of people that are dedicated, well-trained and full of energy, boasting with the qualities that are required during moving. You can count on us every single day of the year.

Moving Equipment

We guarantee a successful moving with a versatile, state-of-the-art and modern set of equipment. With these, you can be sure that we are up to every task and complete the job without any problems. In order to meet the ever-growing need of our clients, we also aim to expand our supply of tools. Thanks to this, we are always ready to help.
With the right set of equipment, we can easily help you even if you have various antique, precious objects, a safe, a grand piano, a statue or an old wooden clock. Thanks to our furniture pads, numerous protectors, dollies, hand carts, floor runners, load straps and so much more, moving these from one place to another becomes an easier and safer job.
Having all these at our disposal, you can be sure that moving will be really fast, problem-free, efficient and also a successful first step in starting in a new life in Manhattan.

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