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Storage NYC: How to Choose Storage Units for My Needs?

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If you’ve been working and living in New York for some time, you might know that space is an issue when speaking of Big Apple. It’s a real challenge to obtain more storage space in a NYC apartment. A storage problem might occur as well during moving process and usually the most suitable solution is to find affordable storage facilities in New York. In order to identify the best available storage options for your needs you can start looking for storage companies in your area or use the services of a NYC moving company who offer storage unit rental services.
Before rushing to choose the cheapest storage units in NYC, it is extremely important to consider the following aspects when renting storage units:


(1) Amount of items to store: Deciding upon the quantity of items to be store is key as it determines other variables, such as storage price and sizes. So, remember to make a selection of belongings that need storage and estimate the approximate quantity.
(2) Types of items: If you have not rent storage units in NYC before, it is important to know that there are restrictions regarding types of items allowed for storage. Generally, these rules refer to hazardous materials and flammable, explosive items such as fertilizers, paints, fireworks, batteries and even nail polish.
(3) Long-term or short-term storage? When requesting NYC storage rates do not forget to mention the period of time storage is needed, as you might receive a great discount for long-term storage. In addition, long-term storage is quite different from the other type, as it requires assurances that your items will be safe for the next months.
(4) Location & access. Are the storage units located closely to your home? Are they easily to access? The proximity of the storage room might be essential when choosing a storage provider, so be sure to be informed about this aspect. For example, customers from Manhattan usually opt for Manhattan movers who offer storage as well.
(5) Your available budget: Determine the amount of money you are willing to pay for storage services. Check price quotes and storage rates of several NYC movers and be aware of those storage companies that offer “to good to be true” storage rates.
(6) Safety and security arrangements: Make sure that safety is a priority of the storage company you are looking for. Dry and clean storage rooms should be a “must” when choosing storage services. Also, ask for security measures (locks, security alarms, patrols, smoke alarms, sprinkler system), especially if you need storage for valuable items.
(7) Climate control: Ensure that the storage company offers climate-controlled storage units and request information about the dryness and moisture conditions as there are many types of items that cannot resist extreme temperatures, Choose temperature controlled units in order to prevent damages caused by mold and mildew.
(8) Storage unit’s size. Generally, New York storage rents depend on the size of the storage facility you choose. Check the available sizes of storage units and be sure that the space size is suitable for your needs.
(9) Insurance: Make sure your belongings are properly insured and that the storage insurance cover all the costs of your items.
(10) References: The final decision of choosing storage should be based on thorough check of the company’s reputation and previous experiences with the customers.


Safe and secure storage solutions are not hard to find in NYC if you consider the list mentioned above and don’t be afraid to ask questions and research your local NYC storage providers, as this brings you closer to a stress-free storage experience!

Storage NYC: How to Choose Storage Units for My Needs?

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