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Summer Moving Craze!

Without a doubt, summer is the favorite season for moving in US: millions of Americans are choosing a new location for their family and are packing their stuff………, right now :)!

New York is definitely in the top most desirable destinations for office or home relocation. Therefore, if you consider this great city as your next home you should take into account that June-September is the busiest period for moving companies. From this perspective, we recommend you to start your research on moving possibilities at least a month before the actual move.

Why? Because depending on the amount of items you want to move, available budget, distance and friends willing to help you, there are several options:

Even though the first option seems to be cheaper and better, you would not want to:

  • spend your whole summer vacation on tracking your lost belongings
  • get into argument with your friend that broke your beloved porcelain vase
  • argue with your life partner that you’re not helping enough because your back hurts
  • try to figure out where is your pet in the amount of unsorted things
  • ….or be in this situation 🙂

Useful Advice for Summer Moving in NY

Take your time to ask for a free estimate from NY moving companies and surf the web to find trustworthy NY movers to take care of your possessions. Hurry up! The best moving company for you may be already booked for the weekend you plan to move, so don’t hesitate to make a call.

In other words, enjoy your summer holidays and leave all your moving problems to us!

“Suuuummertime…and the MOVING is easy” with NY Empire Movers!

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Summer Moving Craze!

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