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The un-movables – A guide for your special cases

Moving to New York can be a very stressful event in your life. You’ll have so many things to plan and organize that you can easily get overwhelmed and forget about the exceptions to the rules. We’d like to remind you of a few special instances where movers won’t generally be able to help you, so that we can make your move to New York City an easier one:

Anything really fragile or really valuable

This includes your jewelry, coin collections, your personal documents, any fancy expensive gadgets or devices. You should plan for these to make the trip with you personally, either by car or by plane, depending on the distance you’re moving. The same will generally go for any alcohol or firearms. As such, if you’re moving to New York, be certain to read your contract carefully and ask the moving company for any policies they might have on this issue.

Moving Fido

It’s not impossible that you forget to make arrangements for your dog’s trip as well with all the hassle of moving to New York. But obviously, your pooch can’t make the trip in the truck with your furniture. You’ll have to take him with you yourself, but prior to moving to New York, make certain you have all his papers in order and all the current shots.

Green friends are special, too

Just as your pup requires special consideration when moving to New York, so do your plants. If you’re currently residing across the country and planning to move to New York, you have to be aware that movers won’t help you with transporting your plants. A dark truck won’t be exactly a good environment for your plants. So if you have a green thumb and are moving to New York, make sure to check if there are any restrictions for bringing in your particular plants into the state. If you’re cleared, transplant them into lighter-weight pots that will survive the trip to NYC with you.

Final word

Finally, we hope that these reminders will be of use to you when planning your move to New York City. If you are ever in doubt about what items your movers can actually transport for you, don’t hesitate to contact your chosen moving company and they will work it out with you. And you can always give us a call as well. Empire Movers is happy to help anytime.

The un-movables – A guide for your special cases

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